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Hardcore MCME-er
Minecraft Username : LuckyLarv
Date Joined : 18th May 2014
Themed Build participated in:
Forest Gate
Chamber of Marzarbul
White Towers
Fords of Isen
southern Gondor Village
pelagir (unfinished)
Dol Amroth(Unfinished)
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build:
Forest Gate:
Chamber of Marzarbul:
White Towers (Elostirion)
Fords of Isen:
Durin's Tower(competition build) (plot type B self made mountain peak)

Nargothrond personal project
Preferred Building Style: Dwarven!

This application is more to let you guys know I am aspiring to become an artist, and I would greatly appreciate feedback on my ThemeBuilds, and any hints and tips you guys can offer.


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Hardcore MCME-er
updated, added better screenshots, (less is more), added Nargothrond album and Durin's tower Competition build