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Yellow Flower Puncher

I'm LVIMDOESGAMES, I've joined this forum on the 9th of March 2015, although I've joined the server before this, a matter of 3 or 4 months, but in that time nothing important happened, so its not important.

The following Spoilers will show all of the required information for the Artist Application, in a much more organized way than just a full text.

Jobs I've participated in:
Through my time in MCME, I've participated in a number of jobs, of all kinds, I've done farms, walls, roads, streams, swamps, glaciers, ruining, grassing, derp finding, root fixing, mushroom planting, etc. The main places I've done jobs in include:
The Highmoors (by the hand of @Finrod_Amandil ), Lamedon (by the hand of @Eriol_Eandur and @kisos ) , Lothlórien (by the hand of @Eriol_Eandur), Ship Breaker Island (by the hand of @Eriol_Eandur), Anfalas (by the hand of @kisos), The Misty Mountains (by the hand of @Finrod_Amandil), Belfalas (by the hand of @kisos), Lond Daer Enedh (by the hand of @bender400), Pelargir (by the hand of @kisos), Linhir farms (lead by @NicTheFifth), between other minor jobs that I have no idea where they were made.

My Builds:
I've done a bit of everything when it comes to builds an adventure can do, of which I shall only show photos of houses, since nobody wants to see how I did my walls and roads, but If feedback is needed, you can check with @Eriol_Eandur @kisos and @Wroxxite, if they still remember...
Also, due to the limit of Images, I was forced to eliminate the interior pictures of all builds.
So, without further ado, here they are:

In this town, lead by @kisos, I made this house, which was my first house on the server.

In this city, also lead by @kisos, I've made two houses, the first one, near the Arena, and that I was not the one who furnished, the second one, in the Wealthy part of Pelargir and of which I was completely responsible, building and furnishing.


Bairdh Gelin:
This was a small build, in a town lead by @kisos, in which I buil the house, but didn't furnish the interion (I came back the next day, and an artist named @Darki190 had already furnished it...)

Again, a project of @kisos, in which I made my first attempt at a barn, which wasn't the correct view on the matter, but still, with a few tips from @kisos, I managed to have it pasted into the terrain and still today stands there. Also, in the town, I've made a small house, with an amazing view to the forest.



Lond Daer Enedh:
When Lond Daer Enedh was still a very active project, I made two ruined houses for @bender400, along with ruinig parts of the massive wall that surround Lond Daer.


To this project, by @Fireinferno13, I've contributed with 8 houses (I have photos of 8, If I've done more, I wasn't able to find them, anyway, this is not about numbers, its about helping!)
I had to cut most of them, due to image number limitation.

Made these two in the picture.





My Themed-Builds:
I've participated in a number of Themed-Builds, but I'll only leave here the ones I believe deserve attention.

Port of Lothlórien:
This was my first Themed-Build in the server (Since the Harlond one, the week before, gliched out and rolled back 2 days of work)



White House of Ithilien:
This was my first attempt at a large building, on which @greglas2 thought me how to build a door, along with the basic tricks of building, and to whom I'm very greatfull.




Corrupted Isengard:
After getting all of Isengard's trees removed by @Finrod_Amandil, I was finally able to start working on this Themed-Build, only to discover that to build a Ravine by hand, it takes a very long time, neverless, I managed to finish before the deadline (10 minutes before it ended).



This was one of my favourite Themed-Builds to do, it was where I really learned how to make trees, with the guidance of @kisos, on which I found that the plot size wasn't big enough for a build with those surroundings.


What do I like to build:
The experience I've had with MCME's building styles, doesn't allow me to present a prefered building style, all that I've tried, I've liked, except for dwarven, which I haven't done yet. I love to build houses like the next guy, but nature stuff is where I'm most comfortable, basically, adventurer jobs, a little bit more, but without the trouble of needing a job, needing tools and constantly use /more to get the blocks intended.

What drives me:
MCME has a huge community, on which I feel really comfortable and also get that fuzzy feeling that "You Belong Here", I feel like MCME is my second family, I come here every week when I'm in University and everyday when I'm not, and If not on the server, probably on the Team Speak, to hang out and have a good time.
As said in previous Spoilers, I love the nature part of MCME, and when I'm just strolling around MCME with @mingthemusical, we often find a lot of derps, that need fixing, but little to no artists to fix them, since they all have their own projects that need to finish, and so, I'd like to be that one artist to fix derps whenever requested, if any Designer needs help in any project, off course I'll help, that's what Artists are for, but never forgeting that simple task, that impoves the experience of the player who first walks into MCME (The devil is in the details).
Also, ever since I've started helping around in projects and builds, I've been told to apply, I've allways said no, because of schedule problems, and that is still true, that's also one of the reasons I'd like to focus only on small fixes and projects, not on big projects.
Through my time of MCME, I've seen the rise of two adventurers to Designer, @Wroxxite and @Darki190, two players which I saw giving their first steps on MCME, rising to Artist and to Designer, in that time, they constantly tried to convince me to apply, but again, I said no. I think its time to change, I think its time to say "Yes".
Regarding projects I'd like to help on, there's not a specific one on the near future, I'm keen on helping on in whatever needs help. In the far future, there's only one project I'm really keen in helping, which is Thranduil's Halls, no need for explanations here, my skin for 4/5 months was him, I think its pretty clear.

To whom it may concern:
First of all, Thank You, for the time You've spent reading this application. Now to business.
I don't believe in half-measures.
After readubg my application, I only want you to reflect and think on one of two answers:
"Does He (LVIMDOESGAMES), deserve Artist?"
Don't bother putting me in the watchlist, in my perspective, I'f I deserve the rank, I simply deserve it, I don't need to prove anything else, If I don't deserve the rank, I don't deserve it, simple.
Putting me in the watch list will result in nothing, because I don't believe that the short span of a week or two is enough for a person to improve enough to be accepted into this rank.
If I get Artist, "Hurray!", Thank You for your time, consideration and confidence in me.
If I don't get Artist, "No hard feelings", Thank You for your time and for your honesty.

Once again, Thank You for your time and have a nice day!

PS: Why can you only post 20 images?!?

I've made an album with all of the pictures I had:
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