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Ma5terMinDs Graphics Service


Experienced Member
Guess who's back?! alright!!^^
For the people who don't know what is going on: I am offering my services to create digital art
like Avatars and Skins. Please pitch me your requests (the more in detail the better).
But I will keep open the option to turn down requests.


Staff member
Me me me me!
I need dwarven skins for villagers
Goblin skins for skeletons
Troll skin for Golems
Orc skins for Zombies and zombie pigmens

You have time till tommorow!


I think you posted this in the wrong thread Ma5, this one would be more appropriate.

I keed of course.

Now on a more serious note, can you create an avatar for me? A bit like this spooky spook, or this even spookier spook. However, instead of their going with their nudist appearance, don it in fine clothes like my skin :D.