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Madmini’s battle preparations


Aspiring Commoner
The battle of five armies is nearly hear, and as preparation I am giving an invitation for all the people of mcme to join me in looking back on the last two movies, before the last hobbit film comes out.
so on Saturday the 6th at 10 pm(GMT) I will be watching the first two hobbit films and I hope you will join me.
  • there will be a small break in between the movies
  • both movies can be found on the British version of netflix
  • please comment any suggestions.
  • will be running instead of instead of popcorns movie night
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Manual Treebuilder
Hey mini, why don't we move this to Saturday Night, the current start time for this event runs straight through the middle of the podcast airing.... just saying and I really have no problem making the following movie night a double feature with Elf? and another christmas film like Die Hard or something....