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Major League Baseball


Hardcore MCME-er
The Major League Baseball Thread
Welcome to the big leagues kid! You have a long season before you!

This thread is dedicated to all things MLB, and with the Wild Card games underway, why not get the conversations rolling here? Do you have a favorite player(s), team, or perhaps you just love baseball.
This thread is for you! So step up to the batter's box, check your swing, and let the discussions fly!

2014 Postseason
With the American League Wild Card game over, and the National League game going on as we speak, who do you think will be crowned the World Champions? I am putting money down on the Cardinals! So share your thoughts here!

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Hardcore MCME-er
Pittsburgh, really?

1st team in any professional american sports league (football/baseball/basketball/hockey) to have 20 years of consecutive losing seasons...


also, im a Phillies phan