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March Madness


Hardcore MCME-er
Here's a thread for all you 'muricans (or Europeans who follow American basketball) to post your tournament brackets. Even if you don't watch basketball, it's quite fun to fill one out - you should try it:p

To start, here's mine:

Just couldn't give Kentucky that perfect season:p



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Being the loser I am I didn't make a bracket, but we all know Kentucky will win because they are too good. The only team that has a chance of beating them is Gonzaga or maybe Arizona. The fact that you have Duke beating them is insane. Next why Duke! I get Duke is a big sports school, and Duke has Coach K, but come on. Before the tournament started Notre Dame beat them. So with that being said I would like to comment on the John Oliver video. I have one word to say about it : BULLCRAP! The guy was probably thinking " Sh*t I don't have a script for this week. What the f**k can I make fun of.". So he chose March Madness.
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