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Starting Adventurer
Date i joined the server for the first time: i dont know exactly but it was in 2011/2012
Jobs i participated in: over the years i did a lot of jobs so i dont know how much

Motivation: I have seen this server grow for 4-5 years now i want to help it to the end


Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Head Developer
Media Team
Thank you for your application!

I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted.

Please post some screenshots of your builds here. You will get some feeback about what to improve then. Prefered are builds which use the MCME resource packs. Best are Themed-builds.

When you have more screenshots to show, add them to your post above. When you do, please also reply to this thread. Just say "update" and quickly explain what is new. It will bring your application on top of the long application list and will make us notice your update.

Aside from themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<<.