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mattlego's MCME Series


Hardcore MCME-er
you asked for feedback on voiceover:
music and voice are too quiet altogether, but when i made it loud the music was sometimes too loud and i couldn't hear the voice.


hon. Head Designer
Yeah music is a tad too loud, overall volumen wasnt too bad to, however a bit louder would not hurt.

You also kinda asked for music alternatives as you're always using Incomptechs Five Armies:
  • First of, theres much more on incompetech that may suit your videos: Royalty Free Music
  • Second I can recommend Audiomachine. They have 3 free collections of explicit to be used for YT videos music: YouTube Downloads | audiomachine
    Furthermore they have also many epic albums with music that can too be used on youtube, however have to be purchased. I got myself the Chronicles album which was i think 15 swiss francs to get 28 epic pieces. (if you do use this music, YT will detect that they are from audiomachine, and then just an ad from audiomachine may pop up in the video, but if you have a decent Adblocker (as every man on the interent i guess), you wont even notice.