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Maximum_Chaos Artist Application

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Starting Adventurer
I joined July 20 2017.
I participated in one theme build, because at the time there were no jobs available.
Some builds I have done: see attached file
Theme build: see attached file
My Interest are anything. I really don't care what assignment I am given I will do it. I am very into Dwarfish though, and I am looking forward to finishing Moria!
I applied for artist because i want to then apply for foreman so i can help finish up building Moria and in the future building The Lonely Mountain! MCME mean a lot to me. I have read all of the J.R.R. Tolkien books and know the story well. (I also play Middle Earth: In The Shadow Of Mordor Game Of The Year Addition. Great Game!!)

Thanks for putting up this great, great server and hope to hear from you soon!!:)