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MCME Annual Arda Archery Anarchy [Two Trees Event]

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~MCME's Annual* Arda Archery Anarchy~
22nd August 20:00 BST
*probably wont be annual, but let us worry about that. Silly droogs.

Hail, Peasants!

You have all formally been invited to MCME's 1st 'Annual' Arda Archery Anarchy.


With the help of Foxyyy1 and JordD04, I have constructed a brand new insane Archery course just for the event.
You will need the latest Gondor Resource pack for this event.

The aim of the competition is to shoot the target with a bow and arrows. Players will be able to warp to the starting area when directed to by staff. While you explore the starting area, you will encounter signs with the rules and an explanation on how the game will work.

After you have read these signs, a staff member will sort you into your groups, and the games shall begin.

Cheating will not be tolerated. Bounder will be watching you... just like they are now.

So sign up, good luck, and have fun.

Bonus Game:

One of us
One of us
One of us
One of us
One of us

Throughout the entire Summer Event are hidden signs with the mighty words scrawled upon them. Find them. Take a screenshot. Send them all to me [wollip] and you will
receive a prize, special award at the MCME Annual Awards Ceremony.

G̼̅̈ͦͯͣo̱͉̣͙ͬ ͕̲͔̥͙̬͋ͣ͊̓̌ͫͣm̱͍̦͔̌͒ͥ̈ͅy̓̄̀ͅ ͙̟ͮ̔̑̍̆c̟̯̋͌̐ͨ̔͛ḥ̼͚̈ĭ̟̗̹̳̪̅l̪̔͑ͩd͑̏̈̓̒ͤr͙̱̯͖͍e̞̘̳̭͍ͪ̂̂ͅǹ̠̥̻̬̤͉̞̌

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