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MCME Award Ceremony [Two Trees Event]

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~MCME Award Ceremony~
August 29th 22:00 BST (GMT +1)

It’s almost time to suit up and get snazzy with it. Honey, where is my super suit?
Whether you’re too loud on teamspeak, technologically inadept or most likely to get offended, you too have a chance of winning a SuperFish Award.

A night filled with a lack of honour and grace, we present members of the community these prestigious awards based on nominations and voting from the masses. (That’s you)

So starting today nominations for these awards are open until the 18th when these will then get narrowed down to the top 4 and voting will commence. So be sure that everyone nominates your favourite couple or they might not make the cut!

Do you like the nostalgic form theme?

If you wish to make several nominations for one category please fill in a new form to do so. Also I trust that you are all sensible enough to not nominate banned players or rig the voting system ‘cus that would be wrong.

So polish up those dancing shoes, find yourself a date and get nominating!
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Hardcore MCME-er
Guys, this is the guy you wanna vote for!

Vote gigo for a brighter future*!

*The said future may involve certain "teamwork" with Ikea
This "teamwork" may involve such things as:
Making MCME a puppet state of Ikea
Giving the world of MCME to Ikea for the creation of a certain chair 99% of you won't be able to pronunce
Just strait up selling you guys so I can make some more Oil-money


Dirt Conaisseur
I think, based on your profile picture, we can root out supporters of Sauron and Saruman using the voting method:p Anyone who votes to keep calm while they take the hobbits to Isengard obviously has some evil intentions...
Wut? Noooo, I'm totally trust worthy:D
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