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MCME Bounder Manual 2014 - Community Information Edition


Hardcore MCME-er

MCME Bounder Manual 2014
Community Information Edition

Hello Everyone,

I would just like to take this time to provide you with a copy of a revised Bounder Manual. This version has now been released to the public. The manual is integral to the duties and procedures Bounder must adhere on the server.

For any of you prospective Bounders, this will be a good opportunity to check out the information and get a good grasp of the material.

The links below will take you to their locations.

MCME Wiki Link - http://mcmiddleearth.com/wiki/bounder-manual-2014-community-information-edition/

MCME Resource - http://mcmiddleearth.com/resources/bounder-manual-2014-community-information-edition.11/


Hardcore MCME-er
Resource has been updated
  • Updated resource with Prism Section replacing Hawkeye
  • Removed Whitelisting Section


Hardcore MCME-er
Resource has been updated
  • Added Commoner applications subsection under Forums
I felt it needed to be mentioned, you can remove it if you feel it isn't necessary.