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MCME Christmas 2014

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Happy Holidays everyone from MCME! We warmly welcome you to the MCME Christmas 2014 event - a time for decorations, presents, and friends.

We have lots of fun activities to take part in from today until January 4th 2015. Some of these events will be hosted on our special Christmas Server (christmas.mcmiddleearth.com), which is using a fancy Christmas Resource Pack (Link). We hope that you will join us for the fun and that you have an enjoyable holiday season!

  • A Dramatic Reading of T’was The Night Before Christmas
    Join Staff, Guides and notable members on TeamSpeak for a special reading of the classic story of The Night Before Christmas. Bring hot cocoa and a warm blanket and snuggle up to the sound of MCME’s finest voices. Begins at 10pm GMT on December 23rd.

  • Festive Skin Theme
    Quick, run to your closet and grab your favourite holiday outfit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a horrible Christmas sweater or a Santa outfit. Join the server to show everyone your festive spirit and to join in the fun. The official Judging will be December 23rd and the results will be posted to the thread. See this thread for more details.

  • Christmas Song ‘12 days of MCME’ Lyric Parody Competition
    A friendly event to help write an MCME-themed parody of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. @DarthRagnar (and possibly others) will then record the winning lyrics for all to hear.
    See this thread for more details. There has been some changes in order for you all to make some final submissions!

  • New Years karaoke
    Join in the drunk revelry and sing your favourite songs over TeamSpeak with your MCME friends. @CEFKILLA41320 will be leading the inevitable vocal chaos. The fun starts at 8PM GMT on December 31st. See this thread for more details.
  • Christmas Tour
    Join the Guides for a festive tour of the server with lore concerning Christmas and winter in Middle Earth. Don’t be left out the cold and come hear some stories you’ve likely never heard before. The tour begins at 10pm GMT on December 21nd.
Made with love and care by the elves of MCME, discover how Humans, Hobbits, Dwarves and Elves celebrate Christmas on this fun winter themed server.

  • Treasure Hunt
    Oh no, the postman has lost some of the presents that members of MCME sent to each other. Can you help the postman find the missing packages? Visit this thread to find out more information.

  • Reindeer Games
    Who doesn’t love a horse race? This “reindeer” games is just that. There will be three races - a primary, a semi final and a final. The winner will get the glorious bragging rights for the whole year (or maybe just the season). So grab your saddles and join us to race will on December 23rd at 8PM GMT.
  • Snowball Fight
    Who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? Join us on our special Christmas-themed server for all the snow-tossing action you can handle. The snowballs start flying on December 21th at 9PM GMT. See this thread (TBA) for more details, from our tournament to our fancy plugin.

  • Curling
    Have some winter fun with a Minecraft-adapted game of curling. The games will take place on our special Christmas-themed server. The frozen fun begins at 10pm GMT on December 22nd. See this thread for more details.

  • Christmas Hangover Podcast
    A special day after christmas podcast full of presents and contests to keep Christmas going one more day. The stream will be up as usual at 9pm GMT (4pm EST) at twitch.tv/mcmepodcast. Keep informed about everything podcast related by following the podcast on twitter: @mcmepodcast

  • MCME Podcast Presents: The New Year’s Day 24-hour Charity Stream for Charity
    In honour of new years and for fun, the mcme podcast crew will be hosting a 24-hour charity stream. So come hangout after you wake up from counting out the old year and usher in the new year with the Podcast Crew. For more details visit this thread.

  • New Year’s Resolutions Podcast
    A special post Charity Stream podcast where the results of contests and totals are tallied and the podcast crew gives out their New Years Resolution and look back at the previous year in reflection and surveys the year ahead. This stream will be at the usual 4pm EST, or 9pm GMT.
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