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MCME Curling


Builds trees by hand

If It is Good Enough for the Olympics, It is Good Enough For MCME

Have you ever wanted to curl but don’t like the cold and ice? Do you have a phobia of brooms or large rocks with handles on them?

Then we have a wonderful surprise for you. You can curl on the MCME Christmas Server.


Why yes, with state of the art rocks and rinks, we managed to pull off the impossible. It really is like saving Christmas if we are being honest.

There is nothing better than sitting by a warm crackling fire and with just a few clicks putting your rocks right on the button.

You will find five different rocks of similar colours; in one chest, 6 different White Stones and the other, 6 different Black Stones. Each player selects one of the two colors and takes one stone from each block type in the corresponding chest. Walk up to the half way markers and throw. The state-of-the-art physics engine will do the rest. Alternate between white and black stones till all 12 stones have been thrown, walk up the stairs overlooking the stones you threw and the closest to the middle stick gets one point. First to 5 wins!


On the 22nd of December, we will test your newly found skill in a single elimination tournament that will make friends hated rivals and put the Olympics to shame. Rcpopcornman will be the official judge and the winner will get all the glory.

Be there, or be a Square, it is up to you...
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Aww hell, I missed curling? I do it in real life, so I totally could have kicked ass in Minecraft. :(