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MCME Dwarven Pack construction/suggestions zone


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As promised, special thread for new dwarven pack.

-New block textures for many block types
-Alternate textures for ores, stone and possibly more
-Custom models for many blocks
-3x3 Carpets
-Diagonal blocks
-Small wall pillars
-Corner blocks
-Iron ropes
-Climbable ropes and chains

There are still textures missing, when submitting new ones try to match existing color range.

Official submission thread: Dwarven Textures Requests | Minecraft Middle Earth

Beta 1 relase link: MCME-Dwarven-Beta1.zip - Google Drive
Beta 2 relase link: MCME-Dwarven-Beta2.zip - Google Drive
Beta 3 relase link : bugged paintings
Beta 3 relase link (fix1) (almost official :) ): MCME-Dwarven-Beta3fix.zip

Very important note 1: Some bigger blocks may require invisible glass on top or bottom.
Very important note 2: Glass panes based blocks ARE GLITCHY so do not overuse them!
Very important note 3: If u have problem with ropes or chains -> TURN FANCY GRAPHICS ON
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I've created a little warp on Freebuild for non-staff to test different aspects of this pack and allow everyone to review other's work. /warp Dwarf RP Test or just /warp Dwarf for short. Also, those statues are incredible.
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Beta 2 relased! Features:
-3 types of Marble
-3 3d anvils
-workbench, furnace
-community input textures
-multiple door textures
-quartz group redone
-textures fixes

Aaaand experimental: custom names. May be reverted in future, depending on feedback.

Still missing:
-random destroyed blocks
-some plants


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We should put those banners to a good use and put the textures on them of the banners of the different realms of middle earth.
This goes for all texture packs.


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Server is running 1.7. There are no banners yet. We can start designing some for when we update but can't use them at the moment.


Staff member

-merge with fable of 5 wizard (armors, mob skins, sounds)
-creeper texture
-changed steve head
-chaged jack'o'lantern to boiler
-repeater is now dwarven head
-all glass panes are now something else :) (check free standing ones and connected on 2 ends)
-snow is now (hopefully) a treasure tile
-paintings (missing ones = placeholders)
-glass blocks look now differently from normal blocks to avoid general confusion and using them
-changed one marble texture
-coweb is now another chain
-fixed some icons
-i forgot

Download link in main post.


Head Developer
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Head Developer
I just noticed that language packs seems to be no longer used in resource packs format 3, which is used in mc 1.11

I tried to change the pack format of Moria pack and all the custom block names were broken.

I can't find any information about this, does anyone know more?


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Because of lack of a time for this i am looking for someone to prepare additional textures/models:
- old torch for lever standing ON a block (normal leveler atm)
- redone rope reel block (I think @NEEPcrafter made something like this in the past? Screenshots are no longer visible for me)
- 2 versions of 3d chain, both for leaves blocks and one for rails "chain" (I think @NEEPcrafter made something like this in the past? Screenshots are no longer visible for me)
- "laval bubble" animated texture
- some more cave additions that will go under "plants" blocks - not sure what atm (@Fireinferno13 ?)