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MCME Easter Egg Hunt 2016


hon. Head Designer
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Easter Egg Hunt
For one more year the Easter Bunny was uncreative and did once more the same thing as every year. But the bunny was sick and tired of you guys finding all the eggs way too quickly, so we're taking this up several levels:
  • Clues are (hopefully) even more vague and difficult to interprete the right way.
  • Some eggs are hidden in the most unlikely places you may think of.
  • Beside the clue for the next egg there is also a scrambled up name of a LotR character on every egg that you have to decipher.
  • The eggs are now smaller. (5 wide, 8 high)
  • Instead of 10 there are now 20 eggs hidden.
  • One more difficulty which I will not reveal.
For the new members: The game is about finding the easter eggs hidden around the MCME server.

To win you have to unscramble all 20 names and message me them in the right order via a forum pm. The first one to do so will be the winner and will be eternalised as being officially awesome in next week's MCME Times (which will also be when the event will end).

If you participate I guarantee you headaches, sleepless nights and total despair, so what are you waiting for?!

Here's the clue for the first egg...
[SUCCESS]Victory! Let us praise the heroes as they enter the golden circle![/SUCCESS]
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hon. Head Designer
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Just a quick update: So far noone has managed to pm me all the names...
If you're helplessly stuck on one egg, pm me. I won't tell you the solution but maybe give you another small hint.