MCME Halloween 2014

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Mar 9, 2014
Aisle 7 (Power Tools) of Bunnings Warehouse


eerie sounds..rustles in the bushes..a haunting breeze passes.
A faint sound upsurges from the distance...

Good Evening my minions. Please join us in the Annual MCME Halloween Event - a time of spooks, screams and scares~ oooh~

The occasion will take place from the Wednesday 29th October to 5th of November and will be full of assorted festive fun!

Skin Week

Skin Week is a spooktacular occasion to show off your haunting skins. You have the opportunity to skin (or de-skin if that’s your thing) into Halloween Themed attire and showcase it in this forum post. In order to make a post, you must take a picture inside or outside the Haunted House on Bree Hill (refer to Halloween Skull Hunt).
See this thread for more details

Spook Tour

Organised (but not hosted) by Lord commander of the senegal army and chief of the royal navy @gigo09 the ninth of his name and twelfth of his house, king of the andals and ruler of the royhne, slayer of dragons and producer of cheap furniture with surprisingly good quality.

A 2spooke4me version of the GLT covering the most spookiest of the spookiest areas we got on MCME. Lookout for more updates soon.

Movie Night

A wonderful event organised by your beloved AKA ‘Hottest Popcorn that Ever Popped’ / MCME Podcast Founder, @rcpopcornman is hosting a Halloween Themed Movie Night on the 1st November @ 10pm GMT. The movie that will be featured is the Nightmare Before Christmas

See this thread for more details.

Halloween Skull Hunt

The citizens of Bree have noticed a mysterious old house that appeared in the dead of last night on the hill.
The windows were dark, the trees bare, the garden overgrown. Ivy snaked up the walls and the whole area was lit by an unearthly glow. Some brave souls went to investigate, but none have yet returned... Dare you enter the Haunted Manor?

See this thread for more details

Hay Bale Maze

Let your weary soul wander in the uncharted maze. With only the full blue moon to guide your path, the maze has only seen treachery and dismay among it’s daunting walls and vindictive passages. It may take you 15 minutes.. maybe an hour so.. or perhaps an eternity. Don’t give up though, you may find the light of day or the doomy pits of hell. There’s only one way to find out...

/warp Bree and watch your back > : D

For a more embodied and scary experience; change your view distance to short and playertime to night. If you get lost it is as easy as /warp bree to get back to the beginning.

Pumpkin Man Poll

Ominous Tyrant Pumpkin Man, a conjured omnipotent demi-god has decided to wreak havoc on the township of Bree. Looks like Pumpkin Hunts may have to be held off for a year or so…

You are able to vote for the most vicious
and aesthetic looking build that will be featured on the Build Server

See this thread for more details
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