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MCME Halloween 2015


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Once again, the moon is full, and the things unknown come to go bump in the night! Witches brew, their potions stew.The gremlins were fed after midnight, and the ghosts and ghouls have come out to play! You ought to fear the creaking floorboards, the distant howls, the shrieking specters. For the night is dark and full of terror! There will be many tricks and very few treats, as the sun sets for the frights begin, when darkness and fog rules the land! Happy Halloween my merry mates, but be warned! You may not survive the night!

Hello everyone, I’m glad to announce the Halloween Event 2015!

We couldn’t leave you without the joys of Halloween this year. Just pay attention not to scary too much!

The event will take place from the 31st October to the 2nd November.


A dense fog descended on the land, man and creature were struck with fear. An eerie beacon rose from the ancient city of Annuminas. Those who are brave enough, set out on a journey to find answers about this event. The dead have risen to celebrate another year passing, and have taken over the city in surprising fashion.


To get there type /warp Annuminas in chat. I would suggest to use /ptime night and /pweather storm to really enjoy it though!

PvP Events

This year we have a twist, a special PvP map made by our lovely members of MCME (@DSESGH, @Finrod_Amandil, @greglas2, @ooitsbirdo, @Speeder45, @Tyranystrasz). In this PvP event 24 players will be thrown in a dark mysterious arena, full of specters and spooks and creeps, a great challenge awaits you. Do you go at it alone? Or do you find a friend? But be warned, alliences will be turned. Friendships will crumble the further you progress into the game. So should you want to rage and rumble, please remember that Halloween is once a year! Unless there should be a nightmare before Christmas! ;)

So be welcome to the frights and sights, besure to explore well! Who knows what treats are hidden for you to find? Or those treats could be tricks! Happy Halloween!
For more details see this thread.

Skin Contest

Are you wearing your Halloween skin? Who has the scariest one ? Why dont you find out by entering our Halloween skin contest. See this thread for more informations.

"Shadows of thousands of years go up invisible,
Voices whisper in the trees "Tonight it's Halloween"
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