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MCME Marathon Results!


One Of Us
The race is over! The champions have been announced! In a stunning and captivating race from Bag End to the Citadel of Minas Tirith, it was 26 minutes of blood, sweat and tears in the fight for first place!

Shenjtor was quickly disqualified for his failure to pass the drugs test (using a speed mod, the cheeky sh-). It looked as though KlemensPlusLukas had it from the early on, with intense battles for 2nd and 3rd place occurring between oth0116 and k1sk1BBab35. However, technical issues struck Klem badly and he was forced to bow out of the race, ending with a disappointing DNF!

Unfortunately for oth0116, a saddening timeout made it look as though K1sk would win it easily. However, as the race entered its final stages as the racers made their way up through the various levels of Minas Tirith, a miracle ooccurred! In the final moments of the race a tragic disconnection from k1sk meant oth0116 was clear to win victory and honor!

A last minute attempt by Shenjtor to rejoin the race was put down by race security, but he managed to sneak past our guards for the finalists photograph. Kudos also has to be given to Arkengard, who despite a late start stayed in the race until almost the bitter end..

Here are the final screenies:

Stay tuned for more MCME marathons!