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MCME Octoberfest 2014


Hardcore MCME-er
MCME Octoberfest 2014

October 11th (Saturday) 11pm GMT+0


Basically, as I make this post whilst drinking Import European and Figured, you know, it would be great to organise a drinking event with all the responsible individuals out there in MCME. It was brought up about 2 years ago initially by Carlosbear where he had started a thread about a MCME Drinking Game. There was alot of anticipation and hype among the community however it never really went ahead.

The purpose of this thread is to bring back that hype and see what people think about organising a social event where we gather one on ts3 and get blasted! Obviously those who can only participate are those who are legal to do so in there country/origin so the promotion will only be eligible for those we are legal to do so and under their own responsibility/tolerance to participate.

So to get this rolling before October; what are people thoughts, suggestion and ideas in relation to celebrating a type of octoberfest event .

Ps. Hopefully this makes all sense.


Hardcore MCME-er
Ok, so.

I had this idea a while and discussed it with ma main man Irufush1 (Not @Iru , don't be confused) and we both thought that my idea would be a possible anniversary event.


Octoberfest seems like the right time and place to do it.

So here's the deal:
  • Step 1: Buy Alcoholic beverages
  • Step 2: Setup/buy a webcam
  • Step 3: Initiate Google Hangout, along with our trusty TS3.
  • Step 4: Share out a "link" to the extended edition of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Step 5: Open this picture
  • Step 6: Initiate Hardcore mode.
  • Step 7: Drink with (insert thing) happens. Drink. Not a shot. Just a swig/sip/mouthful of whatever the hell you are drinking.
  • Step 8: ????
  • Step 8 and 1/2: Le meme funny times.
Considering the age of many of our members, there will have to be a few guidelines in place.


The rules:
1. No one under 16 is able to particapate
2. If you are over 16 but under 18, make sure its ok with your parents/guardians (No, im not sending out perrmission forms, just let them know what is happening so if something goes wrong or they arnt comfortable with it.
3. Don't go crazy and take shots instead of sips, you'll be setting a bad example plus just being plain stupid. Safety first children.
4. Don't get like, some crazy drink that has 99% alcohol (@muteberlin ), just a beer or a can of somthing will do. But make sure you have enough, cause the extended edition goes for like 3 days.

Anyway, that was my idea, hope you all like it.

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Hardcore MCME-er
Time and date updated. As wolli has provided us with a good base to get things going, so make sure to prepare for this, stock up and get excited
Note that we don't take responsibility for your welfare or wellbeing. By participating in this, youre doing this under your own discretion, in compliance with your local laws and consent of those in position of your welfare i.e parents and/or guardian



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@Wollip666 yea my super Christian parents will totally let me drink :D

EDIT: I also hate the taste of alcohol (used to drink it at my friends house awhile back) so count me out m8. I will watch other people make fools of themselves though :D
Yeah I find alcohol disgusting, I can never decide whether that's a good or a bad thing o_O

Maybe we can just bring a couple cartons of orange juice to the film? ;)