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MCME Present Hunt 2015


Hardcore MCME-er
Welcome ladies and gents to the
Christmas 2015 MCME Present Hunt.


Nasty Melkor has stolen all of the little hobbitses presents and its up to you to find all of them! They are hidden in various locations around the map, and with each one you find, you will be given a clue to find the next one. Progressively the clues get harder and harder, so be ready for a challenge. Before I go any further, here are a few rules to follow.

  1. Please refrain from intently searching dynmap for the gifts. Most should be hidden well enough that they are unable to be spotted from dynmap, but just refrain from attempting it.
  2. Don't give other players clues, hints, etc. It ruins the fun, and you will be called a scrooge, by me if you do this.
  3. Have tons of FUN! (most important rule)
This is the clue to finding your first present:
Where hobbits and men dwell as allies and friends here can be found the first gift, but you should beware its not in the vill, but rather upon the hill.

In order to win the prestigious title of being the first one to find all 10 of the presents, message me with all the locations of all the presents, and I shall crown you king of the present hunt. You have until December 27, to complete the search.

Special thanks to @Tyranystrasz for getting the Christmas stuff going, and @bender400 for helping with the present creation and a riddle or two.


Happy Hunting!
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Hardcore MCME-er

All these who-hobbits, who-men, and who-elves, making all this clatter, as they search and they search for their Christmas platters. They sing and they dance through their who-year, and despite my might they still dance the who-altz! "No, no," Speed set about, "Not this year. There will be no gifts! No new who-year!"

The wicked ole Speed had a clever idea, to rid the who-elves of their celebration. The Speed laughed to himself for his cunning wit. He'd turn the who-men and who-elves against the who-hobbits, by sabotaging their scavenger hunt!


Speed look down upon the who-village, as the little people went prancing about. He thought to himself, "These fools shall not pass! When I take away the Christmas stash." Speed set about his dastardly act, with the help of his pet. "We must act fast, Max, before we're left like who-hash."


Speed made off like the whip of a lash, and snuck his way off to the who-village. In the darkness of night, he slithered away, collecting the presents, hidden away. Through the village, as the people sleep, Speed took all the decorations and cast them astray.


In the early hours of Christmas Day, Speed slithered away, having left the who-elves and who-men with nothing that day. The who-men received quite the bounty when they discovered a message saying 'The who-hobbits had stolen the present!' Shock rumbled from the who-village as angrily yelling rose to the rafters. "We will discover the traitorous villain," the who-men yelled as they gathered their shovels and ladders, "who took away our Christmas manner!" From his perch, Speed listened to the matter.


He had finally done it! Speed stopped Christmas! As the who-men scuffled away, Speed grinned to himself that he had gotten away! "Those who-men and who-elves stand no chance, because all of their presents are scattered about!" Speed yelled in glee. "Best of all, the clues are have no help!" Backing into his cave, Speed sang and he danced, laughing away. Speed had gotten away, and now he waited for the new who-years day!

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Hardcore MCME-er
And the winner
of the
MCME Present Hunt
Which one do you choose?
Because of this persons extraordinary ability to solve riddles without the help of others, and not being a super lore nerd geek thing.
im sorry fin
this person has hereby won ETERNAL GLORY. As well as this complementary picture that I made, which in my opinion is worth 765 eternal light years of glory, not just one. Enjoy my extremely refined skills in paint.net!​

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Hardcore MCME-er
How many of us technically won because no one specified how many and what order presents there were? Just me? Oh.


Hardcore MCME-er
How many of us technically won because no one specified how many and what order presents there were? Just me? Oh.
It should have been obvious by the fact that you admited to just stumbling upon one of them, that you did not find them all.

Ederp: Also, you dont win just by finding the last one, but by finding all of them.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Quick announcement: The staff team has planned and worked on a much bigger set of events for christmas than only the present hunt, however sadly due to some technical difficulties we were not able to get everything working on time. But this only means that we already have a fantastic start for an awesome christmas 2016 event ;-)

As for this year: I will be offering a set of nice fireworks with which all you that are not partying outside MCME tonight can celebrate the new year. As New Year starts at a different time for everyone and as constructing an automatic firework rig needs about 12 hours of work I simply will craft the fireworks and share them through a chest. That way everyone of you can celebrate whenever his very own clock is on midnight ;-)

A few simple rules i'd like to mention though:
  • Be fair and take only one rocket of every type out of the chest and use /more to get a full stack. I will refill the chest a few times though.
  • Use the rockets in moderation. If a staff member asks you to stop, do it, also please respect if someone else asks you to stop because he gets performance issues.

Happy New Year to everyone!

EDIT: The chest is right in the room new players spawn in at Bagend, use /mv spawn to get there!
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Starting Adventurer
Hey guys, I know this isn't the right area but no one checked my Ban Appeal so...

To whom ever it may concern...

Please understand that the formality of my ban appeal does not signify malicious intent, and nothing about it is meant to resemble sarcasm.

I will summarize what I remember as best as possible, as my ban took place well over a year ago, in fact I believe this is the first server I may have ever joined after purchasing Minecraft. I would ask that you keep in mind a players level of maturity from first purchase to 3 year veteran changes drastically, and I now understand proper server etiquette after many months of playtime experience.

To summarize what happened.

I believe when I first joined I was somewhere in the Shire, perhaps Bree, upon exploring the map I eventually made my way somewhere along the Anduin river, (where Boromir went over the falls). It is here that I made my offense.

While running through a field I held down the punch key, resulting in the destruction of about 30-50 grass plants.
This went unnoticed by anyone on the server, and I continued on to play for a solid 10 minutes, not knowing, as a new Minecraft player, that breaking grass plants would be a big deal.

Eventually a server moderator asked my why I griefed. Of course, as a new player, I barely knew what that meant, and when thinking back to the grass incident I didn't even consider that what I had done was wrong. After a few sarcastic remarks to this moderator, (believing I was completely innocent of any crime, I was banned for my sass, which I understand. I completely understand the decision, as a project of this scale can not have randoms destroying its natural beauty, but I ask you to reconsider the ban as I would greatly love to see the beauty of blocky, chunky, Minecrafty, Middle Earth.

Thank you, and God Bless America.