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MCME Public Meeting - January 5th

MCME Public Meeting
January 5th 2019, 7:00 PM GMT

Everyone! It's time to discuss your issues and concerns again. Now we'll, of course, update you all on our ongoing projects and what you can expect in 2019 but I've been hearing lots of things lately and I feel like there is a need to discuss. As you might not already know most of the problems that arise in and around the community usually start from misunderstandings, so let's clear things up!

Mark the date: January 5th, 2019 7:00 PM GMT! I'm announcing this over a week in advance hoping that as many of you as possible will show up so don't let me down!

As always we have our lovely Agenda providing an overview of the topics I already plan on discussing but also giving you a place to issue your own suggestions and topics. If you can't understand how to do that (I wouldn't blame you) or have any other questions related to the meeting, please dm me here or on Discord.



Hey everyone, super here to give you the first public meeting of 2019’s roundup!

So if you click right here you will find the audio recording of the meeting, all two hours. Just a quick run down.
  • After 1:30 the actual meeting begins!
  • So the beginning portion is about what was discussed at the last public meeting- that was around 20 minutes long.
  • Then there were the project progress updates which was around 40 minutes.
  • Then some talk about the Assistants which was 20 minutes.
  • Then community concerns which took around 30/40 minutes
Aaaaaaaaannnd, if you click right here you will find the notes taken from the evening- they’re rather brief but cover all the topics in a bit of detail.

We had a great turn out to this public meeting and it went very well- I would like to thank @TotiGonzales for organizing it and everyone that showed up!

Hope to see you all at the next public meeting!

P.S Eriol spent a long time talking about lore in Erebor in the public discussions part so if you’re only here for the audio I would suggest skipping that bit out haha (sorry Eriol it was very interesting...for some people)
Looking at the notes super, can we make a post in staff, and assign each one of these things to someone so that we make sure these things are done/talked about and not forgot about?
So you made notes of things discussed. Most of those topics haven't been started yet. It would be good if we assign each of those topics to someone to make sure they are done.