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MCME Reunion LAN party


Hardcore MCME-er
Hey guys and girls,

I was thinking of maybe looking for a date to play games on teamspeak with all the old guys. Just chill like the old days.

For this I need people to spread the word and maybe also reply on this post. I would also need an idea for when most people would be able to hang out. I was thinking on a sunday so the people with jobs are able to join.

So what do the oldies think? Could we get the old gang back together for a gaming afternoon? I might make a list for who's coming.

Peace out,

DOODLE LINK: MCME LAN-party - Doodle: easy scheduling DOODLE IS CLOSED
Just put down the dates when you can join even if it's just for an hour or something.
By the way, no timezones, it's a full day.
NO SPECIFIC HOUR: just hop on teamspeak whenever you want on the chosen date. That way it works for everyone.
IT'S NOT A REAL LAN PARTY, just on the mcme teamspeak.


Date: 6th of march, sunday, 10 am brussels time, join whenever you want on the mcme teamspeak.
I'll try to be online early that sunday and will stay online the entire day.

Place: It will now be held on the teamspeak of dear sir bocklebee. IP is: pwpg.ca

Prep: We'll play games, so make sure you have downloaded your multiplayer games. Which games we'll play or what we'll do, will be decided then.
-Team fortress 2
-ARK: survival evolved
-GTA 5
-Races (burnout, need for speed,...)
-League of Legends
-Heroes of the storm
-Any other game that more than 1 person has.

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Hardcore MCME-er
I'm looking for:
- old staff (carlosbear, fawkes, smtg, taylor, mirimo, homie, marozzo, shiftyJ, bigjeyem, djsmith, doebie,keegan, nar1ta, bloodaxed, brotheralex, impzor, frankis, imtheproof, delmana, lonanunniel, lordhamani, fullington, aandolaf2,...)
- the old honoured squad: basterd, slurgly, nightdusk
- the aussies (seal team six for example)(UHF, amakius,...)
- need idwarf, czokapik, shadeslayer, smurfununoctium, nobler360, jessku, weisbrott, katieElisa, koria6, kyzcool, BatmanHD, gigo, Indorillian, Valanthe, Loocekibmi, lordhuron, mrhamham, JohnStynes,...
- people in these links: Can you name all the MCME Artists/Builders? Quiz - By jordandorrell
Can you name all the MCME Valar? Quiz - By jordandorrell
Can you name all the MCME Quartermasters? Quiz - By jordandorrell
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- people who remember dudes of this picture?
Also, PLEASE fill out the doodle, that way I got a list who knows about this.
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Hardcore MCME-er
@Fornad Do you have contacts of old players? It'd be cool if we could spread the word around.
Anyone can join really, just gonna set a date and everyone can jump on or off at that date.


Hardcore MCME-er
I've contacted a few already, I'll see if I can round up a few more.

I'd consider making this invitation only though. If you really want OGs, most of them won't be checking this forum.
I'm contacting as many people as I can, through steam, facebook or skype. All help would be appreciated, specifically for the older members. Just link them the post or something.