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MCME Room 101


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Media Team
Here's another bit of fun for you all.

This is MCME Room 101.
For those not familiar with the TV show, you basically pick something that really winds you up, annoys you and so on, and put it in Room 101. You gotta justify why you put it in Room 101 too.

So basically, You need to pick something out of one of the categories below and put it in Room 101.

- Patronising People and Pet Peeves
- Everyday End My Lifes
- Online Omgs

Go wild! :)


Media Team
Personally I think that Cartage should be totally annihilated. It's a super annoying state aimed at ruining us. Moreover we should consider enslaving its population. After that we should sow the city with that juicy salt to curse any re-inhabitation.