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MCME screenshots for Facebook


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Allright, this evening 20/21 cest i will post all the screenshots, so if someone wants to have his screenshot on the facebook page, reply this thread with a screenshot :)


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@Tyranystrasz When I upload on the facebook I schedule it so a post releases each day, you can also do this for every other day etc. It stops with a flood of photos all on one day and makes the page more active over a longer period.


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Perhaps we can sticky this thread, since using community media is great for server promotion. Having this thread in a stack place would be most beneficial!

Also, feel free to use any photos from this album and I will continue to update it from time to time.



hon. Head Designer
If something is wrong with the mods you wont be able to start the game without it crashing (or in rare cases youll just encounter some graphical bugs). I highly assume you encountered some server downtime of mojangs servers; check their state here: Minecraft Status


hon. Head Designer
Wanted to take this one as one of my 4k/Ultra HD shots, but when I finished setting everything up I had to realise I didn't load the mod :oops:

So ille put it here instead ;)



Technical details:
Resolution: 1920 x 1018 (2k with a bit chopped off at bottom and top)
Shaderpack: Chocapic13 V5 Extreme
Resourcepack: MCME Rohan 2.6
FOV: 90
Time: 13000


Hardcore MCME-er

Would love some more screenshots for the facebook page, I went back through this thread and posted a bunch of the shots that never made it (just watch the page this next week), but now I need more!!!
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