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MCME Shopping / Item Thread


Hardcore MCME-er
MCME Shopping / Item Thread

I made this thread so that people could post things that may of be some interest or could be a suggestion to some people. It can be anything you found online like amazon, discussed on Reddit, on a forum, something you plan on buying from ebay/online shop. This wont be a spot where you can post upcoming Steam Sales, Game Deals anything to do with desktops, laptops or gaming consoles.

Since EDC 'Every Day Carry' is a thing I like to browse the internet for, I like to kick-start this thread with a few things which could be of interest;


Something to combine your keys into one thing. Theres an added accessory where you can add a usb stick to it.


Eon Credit-Card Flashlight


Item to charge your devices



Not currently up for purchase on the market but I am watching to see through its kickstart. Check it out



hon. Head Designer