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MCME survival stories


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Hi! this is a recreation of an old thread (deleted in the crash, of course.) Post any survival story.

one of my favorite survival stories:
I gathered up an alliance in the Christmas Survival. I had to go on a trip, and couldn't bring the computer I play minecraft on (it's an iMac). So I used our conversation to lead them. I said sarn ford, but one guy decided to move them to Tharbad. Then they said they set up a hidden base. (just before the forums crashed, Fire told me he destroyed it). They told me that someone destroyed it, and that they couldn't find out how they found it. I finally came back and went to Tharbad. There was a large stone wall on the path LOL. I mean, no offense to anyone, but it could've been better hidden.

Another (not on MCME). I was on my private server. One of my friends (friend1) had gathered all of my other friends into a town. He was mayor (he was a dictator). He banned any trade without his permission, and he also banned all potions except healing potions. Another one of my friends (friend2) was making potions of invisibility. He offered to trade with me, and told me to meet him in the town square. Friend1 was the police officer, and he ran in from his house (a three story block of cobble) with his bow out and said (over Skype)
"Nobody move!"
Friend2 drank one of the potions I'd already paid him for, giggled, and built a dirt tower. I shot him off. Then for around twenty-four minutes we chased him. He reappeared and ran to my front lawn, where he placed a TNT. Then he laughed and lit it. I found it hilarious, but friend1 made friend2 rebuild it. When he was running around, we'd almost killed him more than five times (one of my friends [not friend1 or 2] had gotten him more than the rest of us, because she could see the "swirlies" easier than anyone else.
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Survival is quite far away, I don't remember so much interesting things about it :)


Builds diagonally
A few years back we had a survival map with an asian themed spawn (it was not on the mcme map) and mcmmo on it. I was teamed up with a few people (most of whom are banned now so no use in names) and we had a pirate base on the water and even had a cave with a skull carved on the entrance. A few of us decided to train as monks, only attacking with our fists. Since you progressively get better at what you're doing the longer you do it with mcmmo, our fists were like a dragon punching you in the gut. We were also acrobats and never took fall damage, and I even took the position of the gorup fisherman and was able to use my trusty fishing rod to yank opposing faction players into the air and loot their dead, unacrobatic corpses.

Everything was great, until megga attacked and poured lava over everything. That survival server shortly shut down.

Bocklebee used to have a faction survival server as well, but that's a long story for another time.


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Since i had to cross the blue mountains everytime i left my base for an adventure etc, i decided to build some huts in the main pass with the heads of my victims on stakes :)


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I still didnt betray you lol

This is why we cant have nice things cus you think I betray them. Let me remind you mute that I built our base (spent several hours), why would I lead someone to nuke it??
You admitted after Wikey nuked it that you were going to anyways with titty