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~MCME Times~ #35/15 Changes with Changes


Hardcore MCME-er

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Opening Statement

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we would like to welcome you all to the MCME Times Issue #35! Many of you are not new to the Times, and enjoy having a place to get some quick updates on the server operations and happenings. Since the Times first launched, @Fireinferno13, @MaDIIReD, and @Finrod_Amandil have done an excellent job of sharing their personalities with their writings. Now, for the first time ever, the Times is a work of collaboration! With the assistance of Finrod, @Ardelenia, @DarthRagnar, @ooitsbirdo, and @Speeder45 will be ushering the next generation of Times writers! We, as a writing team, are in the early stages of making our approach to the Times. We hope that you continue to enjoy the Times, and that we have your support in this endeavor!

The Times Writers

Last Thursday, we said a tearful goodbye to that staple of MCME: The Freebuild Server. It began life as a bedrock box and eventually grew into it’s own server, however after much deliberation amongst the staff, it was decided that the server would be removed and added to the multi-world of the Build server. According to @q220, this was both a financial and social move, because “it would be better for the community if it became one.” Currently, we have not been informed of how the Freebuild/Themed build worlds are going to be handled. Keep an eye out for more information soon!

Project Progress

Kisos was very kind, and provided us with some screenshots of server project progress



Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: Tyranystrasz

”I added tons of trees and did a lil more terraforming [as he proceeded to crash the server].”

- jacenpeter

Tyr also terraformed some more.​
Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: otho
”More voxeling has been completed this week, mostly by kisos.”

Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: _Luk
Some more houses were added in various locations. Thijs is hard at work on a village (/warp ... wait for it ... thijsvillage) with some relatively massive fields. Also, there was progress on the Morthond Vale - it may even be finished. (Eriol_Eandur ?)
Lond Daer (In Progress) - Lead: Mandos
Many houses have been created, and our Mr. Bendy has been hard at work for his palace.

- Mandos
Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: Emilio_ & Finrod_Amandil
All week-long I had the pleasure to deal with some new Head Designer issues, mostly preparing one of the most extensive staff meetings that took place Saturday night. However I was able to observe the diligent voxellers Demonataz and Emilio_, and the progress they are making is really awesome. Demon is just preparing more glaciers, which hopefully can be built soon as jobs, and Emil is bringing the new Hollin Ridge closer and closer to its final shape.

- Finrod
Moria (In Progress) - Lead: Despot666 & Finrod_Amandil
Moria is already so awesome and overwhelming that we couldn’t tell if new things had been built!
Public Projects:
Mt. Gram (In Progress) - Lead: _Thijs1801

No major progress. :(

Would you like to help with the Times too? Volunteer to be a project reporter! Contact one of the Times writers for details. (@Ardelenia, @DarthRagnar, @ooitsbirdo, or @Speeder45)

Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:
Currently no activities in the plotworld are available.

For an always up-to-date overview, please refer to >>this<< thread.

Status Updates
@Bengberg and @Nic1337 have been promoted to the rank of Artist! Be sure to congratulate them if you see them! Their hard work has certainly paid off, and we look forward to what they will accomplish!

It is with a great deal of sadness that we say goodbye to our friend and Guide @Arkengard! He will be greatly missed, and we wish him success with his work.
#WeAreMCME - @thomasd16
What story lies behind your username?
Many of you may of not worked out the secret behind my username so I will reveal it you now. My name is Thomas, sorry if you guys were expecting it to be something else and my surname begins with a D. That makes out the thomasd bit. The 16 part is my age which may also be a surprise to people, I know I act so mature for my age when I’m online.
What was the funniest / weirdest thing / event you encountered on MCME?
Nic Nak a.k.a. @Nic1337 every time he is on.
What was the funniest / weirdest thing /event you encountered in real life?
Going outside.
If you could bring one item from Real Life Earth to Middle-Earth to show to Middle-Earth people, which would it be and how would you present / explain it?
I would probably bring back Sam's frying pan, I believe this is the most important object Tolkien ever made. It allowed Frodo and Sam to cook some delicious Stews keeping them going to Mt Doom. It was used as a weapon and um that's about it . After I steal it from Sam I would probably cook Bakes Beans in them because that's there only use in the end really in this world, I love Beans . Then I would sell it on Ebay and claim it Sam's Frying Pan to make some quick money.
Imagine you're sailing into the Undying Lands. Which LotR / Hobbit / Silmarillion character would you want to accompany you? (optional: why?)
Probably an Ent because then if the boat sinks I can take it down and use its wood to fix the boat.
If you would be given the opportunity to lead any MCME project (regardless of being done already or not), which would you choose?
I think at the moment my favourite project to lead would be redoing Bree if we do get around to doing it. I have always really like the style the Bree houses have in the books and movies so it would be cool to have a go at copying that into Minecraft and hopefully making Bree look good compared to some of our newer impressive builds.​

Thank you for sharing with us thomasd16! We are glad to have you apart of the community!
Do you want to get featured in the MCME Times? Fill out your responses >>here<<!!

Themed Build
No Themed Build This Week!

Due to the transition from the Freebuild server to Build server, the plugin that handles Themed Build is not functioning, therefore there will not be one this week. We do apologize, and ask that you look forward to what's to come!

>>Themed Build post<<​
Media of the Week

Our illustrious leader @q220 uploaded this handy guide on installing Resource Packs:
How to Install a Resource Pack

When he’s not hunting down bounties, fitting of an enforcer, he is taking spectacular screenshots of the server’s most famous locations! Here is @mandolore100’s take of Calembel at night!

If you’re like @DarthRagnar, you use a two monitor setup! He has utilized the server to create some unique screenshots that double as wallpapers!

Sometimes you just need a break voxeling, @_Luk takes some downtime to spend some valuable personal time to take in the sights of Pelargir!


Dallen also created this wonderful render for us to enjoy, and it reflects some of the amazing things we can create in minecraft.

Community Outreach

WANTED: Texturers!
As you all hopefully know already, @Despot666 has evolved into one of our most active and skilled texturers; almost the entire dwarven pack is his work. But now he is looking for helping hands as his future contributions will not only remain in the dwarven packs but also the other MCME Resource Packs. If you are not sure about your graphics skills, do not worry: Despot has offered to teach you the drills with gimp and co. So, if you are interested in influencing the look of future MCME, speak forth through a PM directed to Despot!
Screenshots for Facebook
@Tyranystrasz has access to the MCME Facebook page and will regularly upload stuff there. For that he needs, of course, the very best of MCME, and for that he needs YOUR help! If you have a really awesome screenshot to share, submit it >>here<<!

Don’t forget to like our Planetminecraft page daily! Click the picture above!

Closing Statement

We, as the new writers of the Times have bonded over this task, and Tolkien’s greatest friend has this to say about mutual hobbies:

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

-C.S. Lewis


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Hardcore MCME-er
Some odd spacing, and the layout's a bit fuky. Tbh the format Finrod had before was probably ideal.
We used his template, but somewhere between google docs and here its been odd.

[Edit] Formatting changes have been made, hope this is more acceptable.


Hardcore MCME-er
A few more updates:
The Morthond Vale is almost finished, some more bushes grass and flowers need to be added. I'm also working on the terrain south of the Morthond Vale making some other small river.​

Misty Mountains
I started rough terraforming of the mountains in the most eastern part of my section directly north of Lothlorien.​

Thank you, @Eriol_Eandur !


Hardcore MCME-er
We used his template, but somewhere between google docs and here its been odd.

[Edit] Formatting changes have been made, hope this is more acceptable.
The images being displayed outside of that special folder thing is kind of odd....and there weren't very many of them. But besides that, the Times is just as good as before IMO.


Hardcore MCME-er
The images being displayed outside of that special folder thing is kind of odd....and there weren't very many of them. But besides that, the Times is just as good as before IMO.
Thank you for your kind word, and appreciate your understanding as we, as a team, learn and grow. Sometimes things do not go as planned, and when that happens, we do what we can to fix it. Change is not always a welcome thing, and that sentiment is not always expressed in the best means. I, on behalf of the other writers, thank you for being understanding and encouraging as we grow in this new endeavor!