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MCME Video (Requested Post)


Hardcore MCME-er
I don't think the cities are 1:1 scale ...
And the bridge in Hobbiton isn't the Brandywine bridge by the way
It's though a cool video ! I kinda like the way you speak
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Starting Adventurer
Thanks very much for the feedback, and also thanks for letting me know that the it wasn't the Brandywine (thought it was a bit small for it ::)


Hardcore MCME-er
Great job:D I have a few comments if you don't mind:
  • The resource packs are the usual 16x16 pixels, they just look really good :p
  • The ent eyes are redstone blocks
  • It would be cool if you got a ranger to tag along, just to get a bit more knowledge about the server. It would be cool if you did something like MilktheMoose's videos, since they're pretty outdated
  • If you do another video, you should show some of the small Shire villages and the some of the Westfold villages. They're pretty cool, but not a lot of new people go to see them, since they aren't major locations in Lord of the Rings


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
I would turn out clouds in your video settings, also Moria does not feature a balrog ;)