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Middle Earth 3D Map (1:500)

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Yellow Flower Puncher
Middle Earth Map Project

Hello everyone ! You've probably already noticed! Indeed, for some months I have built an original map of Middle-Earth with a correct scale (1: 500).

When did your project start ?

I started building this map for at least 3 months. And I think it will still take a lot of months to work to make a great portion of the map :)!

Why are you building it ?

The trouble with Minecraft is that we can't make correct landscapes. So we have to take a small scale to truly build it. So I think my project will be very interesting to see the real distances between each places and the beautiful moutains of Middle Earth :) !

Where is this map ?

You can find my Middle Earth Map on the freebuild, in the East of the Spawn. The dimensions of this one are of 5000 on 10000 blocks.

Here is a current picture of it :

If you don't see anything :

Red = Zone in progress
Blue = Moutains and border of Middle Earth

So, I hope you like this project, if you are interested you can ask me to see the map or to give me a hand =) !
Thanks to all !

Ps : As you can see it, there are some buildings in my map zone, if you know the people who built them, can you ask them to move on their construction :p ? It would be very kind from you, thanks a lot :) !