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Minas Tirith sewer challenge over

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Experienced Member
No I have not made it were Despot, Lukas, Emil and Ivan. And I also did not think of it first to go through the sewers to the top, but I thought of the challenge.
Despot planned it out, made the designs, built it and like did everything else you can even do as well. Of course a lot of handsome artists helped on it as usually though :) but i guess dse knows that and the question was if you already did the challenge


Hardcore MCME-er
Hey will you be the one going from the bottom to the top of Minas Tirith fastest using only sewers.

This is a Challenge I thought of when Darth Ragnar said that this is also a good maze. I challenge you all to try and be the fastest.

The rules are:
1. No going above ground
2. No flying
3. Time starts when you enter the sewers through door
4. Do your best
5. Post your time

You go to the warp /warp minas tirith and then fly towards XYZ: 7318/68/4251. Then you go through the water fall into a cave. There is a door in the end of the cave and as soon as you go through the door your time starts. Your goal is to reach the top of Minas Tirith as fast as you can using only the sewers. Time ends when you have air above your head on top of Minas Tirith. You can go everywhere in Minas Tirith as long as you do not have open air above your head.

This lasts until 2015-2-28 then the next one will start

Good luck, nic1337

Here are hints, one is added per 2 days.
1. You can't walk from the bottom to the top immediately you have to go through secret doors.
2. The first door lies by 6 water falls a flowing.
3. The third door is in a room filled with crates and hay.
4. The fifth door is found by following water and seeing it fall only after you think youve gone wrong.
Can you upload a picture of the entrance? My navigation skills aren't very good apparently. :confused: