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Minecraft Middle-earth Quotes Thread


Hardcore MCME-er
Cef : So how's it going Thomas?
*Silence for like 5 mins*
Thomas: So how old are you?
Cef: err 17?
Thomas : 15?
Cef : I'm 17
Cef: I'm 17, I'm 17, I'm 17
Thomas: So you're 17?
Cef : Yes, I'm 17
Thomas : Yeah, I'm 15.. so how old are you?
Cef in whispers : What the fuck is this guy on?


Thomas: So I'm from Kent
Cef: Cool
Thomas: It's near Yorkshire
Me: (Crying with laughter) Kent! near Yorkshire
Bobow: WTF Kent near Yorkshire, WHAT?!

By this point i'm pissing myself and nearly crying with laughter for like 5 minutes
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