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Minecraft Middle-Earth Timeline


One Of Us
Allright lads and ladies. This thread will henceforth be the official timeline thread. Any suggestions and concerns regards to the timeline should be directed to this thread.

Timeline's Function
The idea of the timeline was to have a somewhat overview of the various events happening in the MCME community. Everything from completed projects to player promotions was meant to be added in order to help new players getting an overview of what happened before they joined themselves.
It can also functionate as a kind of documentation tool, preventing us in forgetting when we made what. It also gives us an idea on the progress of the server, how fast we are moving on now compared to 1 or 2 years back.

What is being added
Before i made the current timeline MaD made a google doc where everyone could insert their joining and promotion dates, as well as the dates of past events. Once we had a decent amount of events I started putting it into a google exel doc with a more timeline-ish layout. Afterwards people could either add their own joining/promotion dates or ask me to do it. If they remembererd a reliable date of a forgotten past event, they could surely put that in as well. This is what we're going to continue to do. Keep in mind that only Ranger-, Artist- and Staff promotions are added. It would be way too crowded if we were to add all the commoner promotions.

How to add events
When you want to add an event to the timeline, you can either do it yourself or ask someone else to do it in this thread. You can also give a heads up in the thread after you've added something. Now, if it's only a joining or promotion of which you're pretty certain of the date, you're free to add it without consent. However, if it's an event where you're not certain of the date, you should post a suggestion in the thread before adding it to the timeline. Thus, other people can have a look at it and determine whether the date is reliable or not.
Once you've confirmed the date, follow this guideline when inserting a new event to the timeline:

  1. Go to the timeline and find the column right to where you want to add yours. Mark the column by clicking on the letter above the it, and go to "Insert". Then click "Column left".
  2. Insert the name of the event, the date (American formate) and further description if needed.
  3. Be sure to choose the right colour for the event, this makes it easier to recognise them when searching for a specific event. Keep in mind that some colours gets added automatically once you add in another column. As for the rest:
    • Blue indicates player joinings
    • Green indicates rank changes
    • Red indicates player leavings and resignations
    • Brown indicates genreal events
    • Purple indicates dates
    • Orange indicates videos
    • Yellow indicates In-Game achievements (projects, builds, etc.)
  4. When adding an event, make sure to use the right text size/type. These settings should come automaticaly when inserting a column between two others with the same settings. Therefore, don't pass the example column. Make sure that this is always the last column in the timeline.
Then you should be good to go.

When it comes to major changes to the timeline (such as colour changes, layout etc.) I would appreciate if you could post a suggestion in this thread. Don't perform any major changes to the timeline before permission.

Hopefully this will help those who want to contribute to the documentation of MCME. I know that many people have actively been adding events to the timeline, of which I'm really grateful about :)
So thanks to all contributing to the timeline. I would encourage everyone to add their joining date and artist/ranger/staff promotion if it's not already there.

Here is the link to the google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsqBy-FoWcgVdE1QSHZBTk95VFRDb1E3ejhKRnlsZHc#gid=0
Anyone with this link can edit the doc, so please don't give this link to people who aren't members of MCME.



Hardcore MCME-er
I have a suggestion to reduce possible "date format" confusion (American Vs. European). Seeing as there are markers for months, the date under an event could just be the Day #.


Hardcore MCME-er
Could someone (like me) add their own joining date, or is it just for staff and other significant members?


Hardcore MCME-er
Could someone (like me) add their own joining date, or is it just for staff and other significant members?
It's not against the rules for commoners/thralls to add their join dates, but (I think) bob likes to keep the join and promotion dates to people who are an Artist, Ranger, or Staff. If everyone added their join date, then the timeline would be very cluttered and you couldn't really gain any knowledge from the timeline.

However, if you get Artist or Ranger (or Staff) sometime in the future, then you are absolutely welcome to add your join date:)


One Of Us
Could someone (like me) add their own joining date, or is it just for staff and other significant members?
Everyone is free to add their joining date, its only the commoner promotion dates that aren't being added. However there's a point to what dse is saying. If you don't plan to be very active, there's not a really great point in adding your joining date. However, you dont have to be ranger/artist/staff to insert joining date. In other words, you're more than welcome to add your joing date, spike ;)


Hardcore MCME-er
Just reading through and I noticed...
@BevsForBros only took a MONTH to get Foreman?!
Impressive, most impressive!

Edit: Added the new management structure from today, as a yellow/general event, should that be as a green/rank-change event? Also, the description is formatted weird so all the text is at the bottom of the cell and I don't know why or how to fix it. Halp!
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