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Minecraft Middle-Earth Timeline


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If someone wants to figure out when I was promoted to Editor and Fawkes/Smtg resigned from Editor then you can add that to the timeline.


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I joined on 8/15/11, I dont know when I got foreman haha it was during one of the great outages Sometime late November early December
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Updated c: (I've been adding in most promotions as of late, missed doing Shen's as I didn't have access to my spreadsheet due to sleeping then school :'D )


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Gratz jace!

On an unrelated note, I added the following items:
  • Fireinferno13 takes over the Ithilien project (5/5/2014)
  • Wodleth takes over the Osgiliath project (5/10/2014)
  • Anorien Villages begin (3/22/2014)
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Sorry for posting if this is a dead thread, but I don't consider it to be:p

@oriour's resignation from artisan isn't on the timeline. When was that?