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Minecraft noob


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Hello all

Not sure if this is the right section of the forum where to post this kind of request, but haven't found a better one.

I've just logged in for the first time in MCME, but more importantly... I've logged for the first time Minecraft too, that I've downloaded only to visit Middle-Earth ;)

So I have a few very stupid questions, that I hope you can help me with (or just throw stuff at me to shut me down :p)

- Quality: I've seen a few screenshots in the forum, and my MC does not look at all like that. I have no shaders, no nice lights, no fog, plain textures... How can you achieve that kind of quality? Which mods are supported and how should I install them to not break MCME? It really improves the experience
- View: My field of view is nothing compared to some of the screens. I actually see the sky above Khazad dum. It's at 32 in the settings, and that seems to be the maximum I can set it. How to improve it?
- I know I shouldn't touch anything around, destroying blocks or adding new ones. Are there any "activities" I can engage with? Don't take it wrongly, just walk around will take me occupied for months, but I was curious if there's more than meet the eye

Every other suggestion, tip, insult that will help me enjoy more this great work of love and art you have realized will be greatly appreciated.


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I can answer you about the activies, we usually run jobs where adventuers can help building. Otherwise some projects have plotbuilds. If you see a designer online you can ask him if he needs help with something


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For the nice looking screenshots people usually just use the resource pack. However I think some people use Minecraft Forge and with that use Optifine and shaders. I have no idea if that is allowed for MCME/feasible but on MCME's YouTube video's some of them definitely use shaders. But for just viewing places in different textures everyone ( I think so) uses the different resource packs.


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Thanks for the answers. The resource packs are those that are automatically downloaded one I enter a new area, correct?


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Head Developer
Quality: I've seen a few screenshots in the forum, and my MC does not look at all like that.
First are you using our texure packs? Easiest is to switch on server textures, go to the minecraft multiplayer server list and edit the entry for MCME build server, set server textures to enabled. We are using 4 different texture packs for different regions of our map. Server textures will switch automatically. You can also download the resource packs and switch manually, there is a >>guide<< by @q220.
Second: you can use mods to improve quality, there is a >>guide<< by @Finrod_Amandil for that.

View: My field of view is nothing compared to some of the screens.
Unfortuantely the server is limited to a view distance of 16 chunks, would need to many server resources to allow more
Some videos on youtube are recorded on our cinematic server, which is open only for some great video artists.

Are there any "activities" I can engage with?
Yes you can help building in different ways, there are jobs, plotbuilds and contests, but not all the time. Look at this >>forum<< for more information.


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The expanded field of view you may see on a few screens is achieved using a special cinematic server, only few people have access to it though as it needs an immense amount of server power.