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Canceled minecraft770 Artist Application

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Starting Adventurer
  • Date: June 28, 2018
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: None
  • Themed-builds: Build a Dock
  • Intrests: I love building in gondor.
  • Your motivation: A lover of helping others and actually seeing my results publicly motivated me to apply for artist, as artists are able to contribute a lot to the map and community



Staff member
Hello Minecraft770. Being an artist means that we put a lot of trust into you and you will have high expectations on your work, therefore im sorry to say that this will not be enough until you improve because:

1. You joined just a couple of days ago, we want to see that you actually will put work into the server, can handle the greater responsibilities you will recive and that you care about what you do here. A great way of showing that is to become commoner.
2. Participate in jobs, I know there has been very few jobs the last weeks but you have only been around for a couple of days so thats not a good excuse.
3. Probably the most important one, you have to improve your building skills. The main purpose of artists is to build on the main map but we want builds with good quality and that is something wich is missing in your build.

note: It would be appreciated if you could show us some more builds you have done so we can see you can work in different styles.

Improve these 3 things and you will have a much bigger chance, good luck!


@minecraft770 Artists are the ones who builds most things on MCME so their building skills must be on par with the quality of the rest of the server because if any one Artist's skill is sub par another Artist would have to step in and improve the first Artist's build, wasting both Artists' time. Therefore I would recommend you to look at and take inspiration from our most recent builds on the server such as Dol Amroth as it has been declared as the server's new standard in terms of building quality and would set a neat goal for you to try to reach.


I agree with ryttyr. First, you should fly around the map for a while, checking diffrent regions, cities, towns, villages,.... to get the feel for the styles here, to learn the techniques that are used. Especialy the new gondor pack which comes with a lot of new trapdoors and vertical slabs, which you currrently won't find in standard minecraft pack. And then try to build in those styles. Just keep doing theme builds. The more you build the better you'll become.
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