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Accepted Monster_Duck Artist Application


I first joined MCME on January 28th of 2019. I saw a Youtube video uploaded by Welsknight, and when I saw your world I grew eager to become a part of it. When I first joined the server the Elven House theme build had just begun. I happily began working at my plot. Many different people came and gave me helpful critique. One of those people was Darki, and he advised me to finish it and make an artist application.

Themed Build:
(-518, 37857)
I have now completed a second plot. It is Anorien House. (-87, 38513)
Anorien Farmyard Gallery
Jobs Worked:

While I was building the Elven house one day I saw a job starting in chat. I joined and began ruining a section of Moria. barteldvn was the leader of that job, and once the job ended I knew for sure I wanted to be a part of the MCME building team. I did a second job in the sewers of Dol Amroth led by RVB_Legend. I also slabbed roads on 3/13/19 with Oberanio. I better learned how to follow the instructions of the leaders there, but still put in my own artistic touch. I do not have any pictures of those jobs, but I feel confident the job leaders would not have any negative feedback from our brief time working together.

Plot Builds:
I stocked the shelves of some of Moria's carpentry halls.
Thanks for the opportunity TeamPalladian

I also had the chance to make some road for Oberanio in Anorien in a plot at (5555,2619)

Other Builds:

I also made a small build of my own using the Rohan texture pack. It was much more difficult for me because the pack didn't have the variety of blocks the Gondor pack had. I worked on it whenever I had some spare time to play. I finished it in the freebuild map at (-388, 332)


My Interests:

I greatly enjoy building small houses and castles. ex: Anorien, Cair Andros, Coralia.

In the past I have also liked building modern cities with skyscrapers and roads. I enjoyed this because with a skyscraper you need to make a pattern that can be repeated twenty times on top of itself and still look good.

My Motivations:

I am applying for artist because I really want to be a part of making Middle Earth with the accuracy and beauty members of this build team our currently doing. From the moment I saw MCME in Welsknight's video I knew I had to be a part of what y'all were doing. I am very interested in helping with Anorien (I know the project description said it wasn't a main priority). I also am eager to help with Mordor once we are able to begin on that.

I am available to play 1-2 hours a day, and I hope you can consider me for artist.
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Hey Monster_Duck,
very nice application! You put a lot of work in your elven house and I see many good ideas.
My main issue is that the style is quite different from MCME builds. First your house is t's way too large when you compare it with houses at the MCME main map. This directly leads to two other problems:
  1. Your interior looks a bit empty. This is manly because the rooms are so large.
  2. Your walls and floors look flat and boring. I know it's quite hard to make them look interesting with our limited blocks but you'll have to work on that.
It's easier with smaller scale ;)

The same point apply to your Rohan build though less obvious. Round towers are very difficult to make look good. You did quite well, but the silo walls still look flat. Another point is realism: I noticed the thatch of the tower doesn't have any supporting structure below. You should add some beams an planks. Also grass in buildings, very large windows in the barn and windows in the roof??

I think you are heading in the right direction. Your builds show good skills already try to apply my points to your next builds. If you have any question about it just ask.



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Tomorrow we will have a new themebuild, but instead of doing that I want you to build a Inn on free build (this should be in the anfalas style (warp sunder borough to see an example) Use the new rp Gondor 2. Please make this inn and put updates on discord and the forums. If you do this to satisfaction you will be added to the Artist Watchlist and you will get your final challenge!


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@Monster_Duck has shown a great response to our feedback, he has moved on from his church and gone onto a build on the main map at Araburg near Belfalas. He is very profficient in exteriors and has shown me some of his own "non-challenge" builds in free build. He has to work in demonstrating an MCME styled interior which I believe he can do in no time at all. Hope to see you in purple!