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Watchlist Monster_Duck's Tour Badge Application


Aspiring Commoner
Hello, my name is Monster_Duck, and although I have chosen to pursue the path of artist I would still love to be able to give tours like the guides do.

I joined the server on January 28 of 2019, and since then I have been online for 8 days (yikes)

I am currently a commoner currently under watch list to be artist.

I have enjoyed seeing tour guides who know a lot about the lore of the location in Middle Earth, and also when they recognize the builders of it. I think a good tour guide must be able to communicate well. It is also paramount that they can control a group and keep them going. Knowing lore is necessary for a good tour as well.

I want this badge so I can show new players a piece of Middle Earth in a controlled environment. I think going on a tour or having a job when a new player first joins greatly increases the chance of them staying, and if I can get two or three players to become regulars that would be a big accomplishment for me. Doing tours would also be fun for me. It would give me motivation to learn as much as I can about a location. I would also get out in the MCME map and find my way around better than I do currently, since most of my time is spent building in confined areas.


Staff member
Hello Monster_Duck! There are some problems regarding your tour badge application which I would like to tell you:

Sorry but you should probably read the requirements for this one, you have to be artist or higher to be able to get this badge. Therefore I'll close this application for the time being until you reach a higher rank and you can re-open it again.



Staff member
Media Team
Greetings @Monster_Duck.

(Now, I've had a word with the guides about this and we feel you should still be considered for the badge. So ignore what @Jonatanknalle said above)

Thank you for applying for the tours badge.

The guides will discuss your application, and if we deem necessary, we will give you a trial tour.
The trial tour can be of any location you like, but must be done with through discord with a mic.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask myself or any of the other current guides.

Kind Regards
- The Guides