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Mordor readings


Yellow Flower Puncher
Hi everyone!

I'm planning a series of readings from the Lord of the Rings to mark and to inspire the start of work on Mordor.

Here is the plan:
The Stairs of Cirith Ungol: 15th Jan
Shelob's Lair: 29th Jan
The Choices of Master Samwise: 12th Feb
The Tower of Cirith Ungol: Postponed until further noticed
The Land of Shadow: Postponed until further noticed
Mount Doom: Postponed until further noticed

All readings will be at 9pm GMT and the dates are subject to change.

They will take place in the 'Tours and Events' Discord channel, and will probably last an average of 40 minutes
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Yellow Flower Puncher
I just realised that my planned date for reading the chapter 'Mount Doom' almost exactly corresponds to the date in the tale of years where the events happen. With that in mind, I'm provisionally moving it to the 25th (Mon), as I'm probably free on that day, but I might need to move it back to the Tuesday depending on external plans


Yellow Flower Puncher
I apologise for missing the previous scheduled date, which was due to my continuing computer troubles. The remaining readings will be postponed until further notice.