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Mordor Terrain


hon. Head Designer
This wont mess up my pretty Ithilien/Harithilien terrain right?
Luckily the border of Mordor is nicely vertical, so if Tyran manages to make the border of the to-paste section right at the feet of the mountains it should overwrite not too much (I'd say in northern Ithilien nothing west of the Harad road).


Hardcore MCME-er
Really glad to see staff update behind-the-scenes voxelling. It's nice to be able to check this out even if it's just a couple of screenies. Nice work guys! Keep it up!


Staff member
I was out this week-end but as mister fish @Credoo suggested i'm trying to get better mountains especially on top. Also i've been working on the lowlands trying to get an average level terrain that won't need to much voxelling
Gonna release some screenies soon


Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Head Developer
Media Team
Make more than some fertile ground :D
The Return of The King – The Land of Shadow said:
Neither he nor Frodo knew anything of the great slave-worked fields away south in this wide realm, beyond the fumes of the Mountain by the dark sad waters of Lake Núrnen; nor of the great roads that ran away east and south to tributary lands, from which the soldiers of the Tower brought long waggon-trains of goods and booty and fresh slaves.


Staff member
Looks fabulous :O

Make sure there's some fertile ground (grass and stuff) around lake Nurnen (that big blue thing) as it's where they grew the food for the orcs.
Unfortunately i can't add the texture directly on WM however i did a fast test on WP and i added grass on the southern area.
BTW the things i've noticed exporting it:
The Mountains looks pretty good and the flat areas are really better than i expected.
The rivers now are marked out, but they looks weird in game so they will need to be redone (at least we already have the location for it marked). Since the map is really big and i needed to export the heightmap in 8k (80 min of processing) some parts in the mountains looks empty. I can fix and improve, but i can't promise a miracle