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In Progress Mordor: The Dark Lands

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Project Leader: BWOT
Co-Leader: barteldvn
Project Staff: Wroxxite, Eriol_Eandur, Dav3ck, Credoo, ooitsbirdo

One does not simply walk into Mordor
Background lore

Mordor was a black, volcanic plain located in the southeast of Middle-earth to the East of Gondor, Ithilien and the great river Anduin. Mordor was chosen by Sauron to be his realm because of the mountain ranges surrounding it on three sides, creating a natural fortress against his enemies. Translated, it means, "Land of Darkness"

  • Full file of our lore:
Mordor – Google Drive
  • Other Links:
Mordor - Tolkien Gateway

Mordor is going to be our next project and will be the primary focus of Summer 2018 to the start of 2019. It is a vast project which is split into side project and of which there are 6 stages. Each stage has 2-3 sub-projects and we will not move onto the next stage until the current one is 100% completed. Please send me a direct message if you are interested to a leader role of one of these sub-project areas.

The highlights of Mordor have been a combination of lore and non-canon lore which doesn’t interfere with the original lore. The reason for this is so we have big lands of nothing and to also add more characteristic to the map itself.

The mean roads of Mordor have been laid out, as has main rivers, main geological features, key points, key towns and etc. I have done this so that a designer can choose a section and not feel overwhelmed as they have something to work on.

Map document can be found here: Mordor Master Plan



Stage 1:
1A: Ephel Duath North, Planning Stage, Leader: @Eriol_Eandur, Link: Ephel Dúath
1B: Udun, Planning Stage, Leader: @BWOT, Link: In Progress - Mordor: Udun
  • Minas Morgul
  • Cirith Ungol
  • Shelob’s Lair
  • Durthang
  • Morannon
  • Carach Angern

Stage 2:
2A: Ephel Duath South, Not Started, Leader: TBD, Link: TBD
2B: Plateau of Gorgoroth,
Not Started, Leader: @dav3ck, Link: TBD
2C: Mirthram Spur, Not Started, Leader: @BWOT, Link: TBD

  • Nan Ungol

  • South Gorgor

  • Nargoth
  • Daemon Angren

Stage 3:
3A: Ered Glamoth West, Not Started, Leader: TBD, Link: TBD
3B: Ered Glamoth East,
Not Started, Leader: @BWOT, Link: TBD

Stage 4:
4A: Ered Luthi East, Not Started, Leader: @barteldvn , Link: TBD
4B: Lithland,
Not Started, Leader: @Wroxxite , Link: TBD
  • Vale of the Beasts

  • Eastern Desolation

Stage 5:
5A: West Nurn, Not Started, Leader: @BWOT, Link: TBD
5B: Central Nurn,
Not Started, Leader: @Wroxxite , Link: TBD
5C: East Nurn,
Not Started, Leader: @ooitsbirdo , Link: TBD
  • Nurngost
  • Thaurband

  • Caran

  • Eastern Guard

Stage 6:
6A: The Eye of Mordor, Not Started, Leader @BWOT, Link: TBD
6B: Ered Luthi West,
Not Started, Leader: TBD, Link: TBD
6C: Tower Spur,
Not Started, Leader: @barteldvn , Link: TBD
  • Barad Dur
  • Orodruin
  • Ungol-Latta
  • Camp of the Mouth
6B: None

  • Hidden Vale
  • Plain of the Black Steeds

The Art and Inspiration will be done within each sub-project and each section will have a staff project thread and a public thread. Each subproject will have a leader, co-leader and multiple involved staff. There will be a lot of droog jobs we can run in this project.

More in Depth Information:

Mordor is fairly windy and the mountain ranges encircling it change the direction often. This means on the mountains (on the exposed faces) there needs to be a lot of wind erosion. Mordor is mostly considered in the desert biome however the outside ridges are considered from srub to needleleaf with some broadleaf in the south. The temperature is fairly warm, resulting in most likely an arid feel, with lots of draughts, dried up rivers and etc. The elevation ranges from below sea level near Nurn to around 2 miles above sea level.

Project Announcement Thread
The to update the public of announcements to do with the project.
Link: In Progress - **Mordor**

Project Discussion Thread
The thread to discuss in general the project, comment on any updates or any other non-announcement topic.
Link: In Progress - **Mordor**
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