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In Progress **Moria** Main Project

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~:~|~:~ Moria Main Project ~:~|~:~
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Project Leader: @Patrick_0901
Co-Leader: @Jesia
Project Staff: @Darki , @Despot666

Announcements Thread

Overall Progress and State
Approximate Overall Progress Percentage: 14%
Current Progress State: Building

Current Progress Review: Slightly Behind Schedule
Current Progress Expectation: 20%
Current State Expectation: Planning
Estimated TIme of Finishing: n/a

Project Discussion Thread
The thread to discuss in general the project, comment on any updates or any other non-announcement topic.
Link: In Progress - **Moria**

Moria Planning Post

"Greatest of all the mansions of the Dwarves was Khazad-dûm, the Dwarrowdelf, Hadhodrond in the Elvish tongue, that was afterwards in the days of its darkness called Moria."
Background lore
Khazad-dûm (also known as Hadhodrond, Casarrondo, and Phurunargian, which translate as Dwarrowdelf), latterly known as Moria (The Black Chasm, The Black Pit), was the grandest and most famous of the mansions of the Dwarves. There, for many thousands of years, a thriving Dwarvish community created the greatest city ever known.

Moria is the single biggest project on MCME. It has been our focus for a while, however with the realization that undertaking the whole thing at once is just too big, we have divided up everything into subprojects. The first of these being the Fellowships Path which is currently one of our primary focuses of Summer 2018 to the start of 2019. It is a vast project which is split into sub-projects and of which there are 7 stages excluding the first stage of the Fellowships path. Each stage has multiple layers and we will not move onto the next stage until the current one is 100% completed. Please send me a direct message if you are interested to be a lead role of one of these sub-project areas, you have to be Designer!


The highlights of Moria have been a combination of lore and non-canon lore which doesn’t interfere with the original lore. The reason for this is to create the idea of the Great Old Kingdom of Moria and for that material has to be added to fill it up and get it to expectations.

Finrod_Amandil, Despot666 and other designers worked tirelessly to create a plan, which is the closest to-scale plan on MCME. With multiple layers, in its own world, a book path and movie path, this is for sure one of the greatest projects we will ever undertake. The plan they created is a giant wool structure accessible to staff only at the moment. However, I have photoshopped together parts of it to create one bird-eye view map where because of the glass layers, one is able to see all layers at once as if they were stacked on top of each other and were the real deal. The truth is though that we have each of these layers side by side in another world with auto teleportation plugins so it seems like a seamless one world.

Map document can be found here: Moria Master Plan


Fellowship Path Stage:
#ABC: NAME, STAGE, Leader: NAME, Link: TBD

Stage 1:
#ABC: NAME, STAGE, Leader: NAME, Link: TBD

Stage 2:
#ABC: NAME, STAGE, Leader: NAME, Link: TBD

Stage 3:
#ABC: NAME, STAGE, Leader: NAME, Link: TBD

Stage 4:
#ABC: NAME, STAGE, Leader: NAME, Link: TBD

Stage 5:
#ABC: NAME, STAGE, Leader: NAME, Link: TBD

Stage 6:
#ABC: NAME, STAGE, Leader: NAME, Link: TBD

Stage 7:
#ABC: NAME, STAGE, Leader: NAME, Link: TBD

Chamber of Light:
1: Cave Details, STAGE A, Leader: @BWOT

2: Finishing Ruining by Plotbuild, STAGE A, Leader: @BWOT
3: Details in main cave, STAGE B, Leader: @BWOT
4: Surrounding Halls, STAGE B, Leader: @BWOT

The Art and Inspiration will be done within each sub-project and each section will have a staff project thread and a public thread. Each subproject will have a leader, co-leader and multiple involved staff. There will be a lot of droog jobs, plotbuilds and Build Days we can run within this project.

Every well-known location should have a public plan done before its starting!

More in Depth Information:

Soon to come
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Announcements January 23rd, 2019:

Opening a Plotbuild in Chamber of Light:
Lots of plots were left from when we were finishing the ruining stage and so now I am seeing it to the end over the next weeks. Please feel free to claim a plot to ruin. /warp Chamber of Light , /plot claim , when finished /plot finish . For examples of ruining, look around you, its not hard. If you totally screwed it up: I will reset it, if its good I will accept it, and if it still needs work, I will end your plot, leave your work, and make another plot on it with comments for someone else to take up. If you hold a plot for more than a week, I will stop your plot and put a new one there for someone to claim because I don't want to wait for you *thumbsup*, glad you could all understand!

What needs to be done in Chamber of Light
- Cave Details: @BWOT
- Plotbuild for ruining: @BWOT
- Building details: @BWOT
- Surrounding halls: @BWOT

If you cannot complete you task, (1) contact me, (2) delegate it to someone else. If you see a " ? " and you are in charge of the task, contact me. If you are a designer you can claim it as well or if you are not contact me and we will chat.

Rest of the announcements for Moria can be found in the Times, but hopefully one of the staff for the project can take the time to write something up for what they are doing <3 *hint*!
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