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Moria - Stage 4: Construction


Builds trees by hand
Central Dwelling
Project Leader: @Jesia
Co-Leader: @NicTheFifth

To get more progress into the central dwelling, Nic and i decided that it is time to do a proper project plan for it. There are different types of jobs that needs to be done. Even commoners/adventures can help since there are plots for houses.

When you want to help just talk to Nic or me, or make a post here

1. Overall

Interiors. All houses marked with red wool in front of them need interiors. Note: the interiors don’t need to be fancy. An example can be found here:

Terrain: This is going to be done last. Once we’re finished with all the structures we have to make the cave look good. It has to be done by hand since voxel would destroy the buildings

2. Canyon Area

The Canyon Area can be found below the upper part.

The path over the houses (picture above with the purple wool)

There is one house left to be done. It is marked with blue wool. The style the house should be build in is marked with an yellow cross in front of it

3. Central Area

Paths (marked with brown wool) concepts can be found at the other paths there
One house needs to be finished (left side on screenshot)
One house needs to be build

4. Upper Housing

There are several houses left. The concept can be found right below this area marked with a blue arrow.
Since it is a plotbuild, Adventures/Commoners can help. Just ask nic or me so we can assign you a plot. Please don’t start building without asking first!

5. Nic’s stonemasons

The houses are marked in blue and are in a similar style as the upper housing’s section, these will be done in a job by @NicTheFifth and will be one of the last things to be finished.

6. Undersquare

There are several houses. The style is again marked with the yellow cross in front of it.
Once the houses are done we will try to blend them in with the ceiling

6.Lower balcony

This part needs a complete replan.


There are several things to do here. If you want to help just ask @Napoleon0605 since it’s his area

So if you want to help (That would be awesome!) just pick a place where you want to help ;-)


A short update for Central Dwelling and Second dwelling.

Central Dwelling:
The Canyon area's exteriors are all done, all that is left is the bridge, which will be assigned by @NicTheFifth or @Jesia some time soon.

Second is the Upper housing section, which has had a lot of work and has only two plots needed to be finished, before the road and then blending.

The Central plot is also almost finished because of some great artists who built the road and houses.

The Lower balcony was taken over by @thomasd18, who has already started construction and will do an amazing job!

Then we still have the Undersquare which needs to be begun, so any artists, message @NicTheFifth or @Jesia (though
Jesia will be gone for half a week still) to claim your house and leave a lasting mark on the Central Dwelling!

The Stonemasons will be done in a job when a style is decided upon, and this will be led by @NicTheFifth.

Lastly we have the Apartments, which have had a little progress, but are next on @Napoleon0605's list, so expect some progress there soon!!!

Second Dwelling:
The Second dwelling cave has started construction of the houses in the pillars, these are being done by you Adventurers and Commoners, so if any of you want to build ask @NicTheFifth. The style of these houses was made by the wonderful @DoctorDaom as can be seen below! Once those houses in the pillars are done, then the second dwelling cave is done (apart from @dav3ck's awesome terraforming project).


Let's blow some life into this post by a project update, by yours truly NicovicTheSixth (yes, I changed my name).
Lets first start with the most important part of Moria, it's planning. Basically I have been going on a planning spree, adding halls and paths all over Moria, however a few areas are important, those being: The book "I have no memory of this place", the pathway to the Royal tombs and the area surrounding the 21st hall.
Book's "I have no memory of this place"
In this area I have created the planning from the huge crevace up untill the world ceiling where it goes into the layer of the 21st hall. Once there I continued for a small bit, but stopped after reaching a cave, which needs a specific location, which I can't pin poin just yet. Though this meant I still could plan a lot, as all of the side paths connected to that area are almost fully planned now.

Royal tombs
In this area I have gone all the way from the audience cave to the worldpainted cave, which is supposed to become the Royal Tombs and have planned all the inbetween halls. Appart from being good progress, this also adds the benefit of almost being able to connect the endless stairs to Moria, as it lies just beyond the Royal Tombs!

Surrounding the 21st Hall
In this area I have planned all the halls to the west of the 21st Hall, however for the connections to the north I am waiting for Napoleon0605 to assist me, in making good entrances, hopefully this can be done soon, however it is a bit difficult, with both of us being busy with life currently.

Now onto my personal projects: the Second Dwelling, the Central Dwelling, the huge crevace (the one mentioned during the planning before) and a small dwelling connected to the "I have no memory of this place" cave.
The Second Dwelling
Sad to announce, there has been no progress made, however this should hopefully pick up, whenever I get a Foreman or a Designer to assist me.

The Central Dwelling
Luckily there has been progress here. The roof and connection between the main cave, the canyon area and the Undersquare is done, the two houses and ceiling nicely built and connected. The Undersquare has two more houses that have to be built, before the ceiling can be finalised, however one is being built now by @Monster_Duck, so Commoners, send a message to me if you wish to try your hand at the Undersquare! (first come first serve).
Stone Masons
Another great area with a lot of progress, all that is left is the hall at the end of the row of amazingly built and ruined houses to be made, this one can be claimed by an artist or higher, so be sure to message me if you wish to work there!
Lower Balcony
This area also has had a lot of progress, so much in fact that it only needs one more interior, so message me if you wish to try your hand at it, all ranks welcome!
The Apartments
Sadly this area has had no progress either, and currently has no one to work on it, however this is partially because it still needs planning, which I hope to pick up soon. So if you have interest in finishing this, send me a message! (artist or higher)
That is it for the Central Dwelling, thanks to all who have been helping!

The Crevace
I recently finished making the upper cylinder with the help of @Scoobybri and @KillTheMetronome, now all that is left is going down into the Crevace itself and detail it, which will take a lot of time, however is not priority, as it goes far away from the Fellowship's Path.

Small Dwelling
Lastly the small dwelling, sadly here there has been little progress, however I plan on digging out the houses and eventually giving them out to adventurers and the like, in hopes of finishing it in a timely manner.