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Motivation, Inspiration & Success Corner


Hardcore MCME-er
So before the forum purge we had a few threads if you recall such as the 'Pick me up quotes' and 'inspirational quotes' thread. I'd figure I would start a new thread that would entail a much broader forum for posting things that would revolve around the context of inspirational, motivational and examples of success type of content.

Sometimes we have a bad day during our work or school, othertimes you may feel you are in a bad round of feeling unmotivated or a task is to tedious to undertake.. Maybe you want to take steps to grow as person or be a better version of yourself in someway or another. I'm hoping this thread can serve as some sort of mentor or support coach for anyone out there and people can come to this for that little enlightenment and perspective.

You are able to post things such as your sharing your own stories/anecdotes , repost illustrations and articles aswell as reply with some good quotes you feel that serve the purpose.

Ps. Keep Motivational Memes to a minimum or even don't post any at all.

So here's a few that I'd like to share;


Hardcore MCME-er
Mind is everything. every thought you create manifests itself in real world; if you didn't achieve something you strive for - you simply didn't believe in it enough

- Mario Novak


Hardcore MCME-er
Don't interpret this as thinking you can sit around thinking I'll just wait untill I'am 25 or 35 years old and you an do something with yourself.

People would often have to endure the ever-grinding journey to get to where they are or want to be. That may come from experiencing different things, making mistakes and learning from them or going out of your comfort zone. The world doesn't owe you anything, you have to owe it to yourself #deep


One Of Us
How would you feel, if you were to find out that everyone you know, knew, know of, every person of this planet, universe, were just a figment of your imagination? Would you feel alone, knowing you are the only real person to exist? If you had the power to do anything, would you not choose to forget that knowledge, to once again feel accompanied?