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Movies, Shows, and Trailers


One Of Us
Yea, my brother went and saw it (a special showing a day before it came out) and said that it was the best Superhero movie he has seen in years.


Experienced Member
meh, Captain America 2 was pretty epic, but not the greatest i've seen. I actually enjoyed Thor2 more, since it poked fun at itself way more, and was much more entertaining. TWS was waaaay too impressed with itself, and i mean, come on.... that algorithm..... Also, did anyone else pick up on the starwars references throughout the big fight at the end? =P


Hardcore MCME-er
Was going to start a new thread where you could recommend movies but it'd probably just be better to post here. I have really gotten into a Fargo, the new TV series based loosely on the events of Fargo the movie. It is a crime thriller with a ton of black humor and if you are interested in that you should definitely check it out.

Also did I mention it has Martin Freeman, Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) and Billy Bob Thorton haha.


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Wow this thread has been dead for a while. In other news, I watched godzilla today, it had great fight scenes, the ending was great. A few things got repetitive but it was still good.


One Of Us
Man, I think that we are gonna be taking this deal.
Where we are, there is a Drive-In (an older one, but it still works).
And they are showing Godzilla and The Amazing Spiderman 2 on the same night.
That, and Age Of Extinction coming up means that we will be snatching every deal we can.

Anyone want to post an Age Of Extinction video?
If you didn't like the old ones, you will like these ones.
I mean, it's got Marky Mark* (Mark Wahlberg), and Grimlock, although I am disappointed about some things.

*Funky Bunch not included.