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Head Developer
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Head Developer
Minecraft Username : mullerl
Date Joined : 19 September 2014
Themed Build participated in: Paths of the Dead, Tol Falas, Old man Willow, Towers of the Teeth, Entwives, Forsaken Inn, Stone Giants and Calmindon
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build:
What is your prefered building style? Most of all I like to build natural things like trees and mountains.

Builds on main:
I ruined quite a lot houses and a wall tower at the OsgoRuin project
and started to redo the trees in Whitwell in the shire.

Builds on plotworld:
I participated in the Dol Amroth Gate contest,
build a boat and two houses for Dol Amroth
and build a house for the flooded section of Annuminas.

Builds on freebuild:
I build these trees at the Gondolin Project and a forest of spruce trees.
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