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Musicians Thread


Hardcore MCME-er
Hey guys,
Since we have a lot of creative people online, I'm remaking the thread for those musical people to post whatever they like about their craft on here.
To make it interesting, you can post your favorite instrument (you own), favorite piece to play and an anecdote from playing music.
Here's my baby:

Although it's quite difficult to choose a favorite thing to play but if I have to choose it would be this:

I don't really have something cool to tell but I do play loud. My neighbours can hear me but our houses aren't adjacent to each other. There's about 20 meters in between the two. With a row of trees in between. Maybe I should turn it down a notch...


Experienced Member
Cheers Will for recreating this thread!

Being a Music Production Student is fun!
Prepare Yourselves...

1. Gretsch Electromatic
My Pride Possession! :) Sounds great electric and acoustically

2. Fender Squier Stratocaster Limited Chrome Mirror - The Backup Guitar!
good for quick dodgy gigs!

3. Handmade Telecaster I made with my Dad!
Great guitar, made of elm burr, bloody heavy...

4. yamaha RBX170 Bass
Typical bass I picked up a year ago, still good for recording!

5. Yamaha Trumpet (cannae remember the code)
Meh its alright, got me through grade 8, prefer to improvise on it now though.

6. Really Old Epiphone Acoustic, can't find the pictures of it.
Last time I looked, it was 24 years old. Sounds great though!

Play Piano and harmonica too though i'm not going to take pictures of that!
Learning Violin ;)

Ill upload my recording Equipment in another post soon :)


Hardcore MCME-er
All my guitars

1. Cort Action Bass, first bass I had, still my baby. Mine has stickers on it though.

2. Another Cort ( I love cort basses) I got for 100 bucks on sale, only sounds good in lower tuning, like D and C Standard

3. My Cort (Again) Evl Acoustic. Its okay, just looks good.

4. Schecter Demon 6. Really nice lower tuning guitar. Sounds great for everything from blues to metal.

5. Ibanez Acoustic bass. Sounds amazing through a chorus pedal.

6. My pride and joy, the greatest thing I've played ever. I love it. Cort A6

I have 4 other guitars, 2 are cheap kids acoustic ones from when I was little and the other two are homemade which I can't bothered taking pictures of. Also have 2 drum kits, massive 2000watt Pa and heaps of misc stuff. Ta da.


Hardcore MCME-er
My favorite instrument: The french horn (my instrument). Favorite piece: too many. I also play a few songs on guitar and mandolin, play a tiny bit of trumpet, and can get a good sound out of a saxophone.


One Of Us
I was actually getting into bassoon for a bit, until I got to a point where I couldn't play most notes with the crappy condition it was in, and then dental surgery (modified root canal), so I took over the bass drum for the rest of that year.... And not even the good bass-driven drum-line bass drum.. Just thump . . . thump . . . thump. . . . thump . . .

I really wish to possibly get into bassoon again, or trumpet, or trombone, or saxophone.
My main goal is to try to form a Ska band* later in life.

*See: Streetlight Manifesto


Hardcore MCME-er
The instruments of Darth's Room (ability to play varies):

Electric Guitar: Slammer by Hamer
Acoustic Guitar: Hohner HG-04
Trumpet: Holton Collegiate
Keyboard: Yamaha PSR-175
Recorder: Hohner
I also played French Horn for ~10 years, but I don't own one.


Experienced Member
I thought I'd do this since the thread is back.
My first bass, works pretty well for most stuff.

So I think this is probably what my drum set looked like when I first got it, I've basically replaced all of the parts of it though because it sounded horrible
I've also got two guitars, (one electric and one acoustic) but I cant actually figure out what kind they are... :/ (they're pretty old)
I've got a fiddle as well, and I share a keyboard with my brother, was too lazy to try to find pictures of those.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Note: some screens are already a bit older and some things have been added or exchanged by now :p
(The last few pics are song transcriptions I wrote myself)

TAMA Starclassic Bubinga - Satin Bubinga Finish - Black Nickel Rims:
- 10'' x 8'' High Tom
- 12'' x 9'' Mid Tom
- 16'' x 14'' Floor Tom
- 18'' x 16'' Floor Tom
- 22'' x 18'' Base Drum
- 14'' x 6.5'' Snare Drum​

Paiste Signature (Classic):
- 20'' Full Ride
- 18'' Heavy China
- 18'' Fast Crash
- 16'' Fast Crash
- 14'' Dark Crisp Hi-Hat
- 12" Thin China (discontinued model)
- 10'' Splash

Paiste Signature Dark Energy:
- 20" Dark Energy Crash Mark I (discontinued model)

Paiste PSTX:
- 14" Swiss Flanger Stack
- 10" Swiss Hat​

- TAMA Power Tower System Drum Rack
- TAMA IronCobra 900 Lever Glide HH905N Hi-Hat Stand
- Pearl RH-2000 Remote Cable Hi-Hat Stand with Drop Clutch
- PDP Concept XF Extended Footboard Double Bass Pedals
- TAMA Cobra Clutch
- Gibraltar 9608D Dome Throne
Vic Firth Shogun 5A

Edit: A song I transcribed and mastered to play recently:
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