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My agenda


Staff member
Hello all! Jona here and as you should be aware I am the new foreman assistant and BWOT I thought it would be a good idea to share my plans with the public:

As you know we have quite a shortage of foremen at the moment, I have assistant stuff to do and Toti will start making more videos soon so it will be hard to get the amount of jobs we need. This is of course not only a problem in the building aspect but also in the community one. I like to think that MCME has a form of cycle, to make more people stay we need more various things like jobs and mini games and for those we need for example foremen and to get foremen we need artists for which we need new people and of course to get those new people we need foremen. Now as it is my job to manage the foreman rank there are a few of things to do in order to keep the cycle going:

-My first goal will be to train and encourage (to the best of my abilities) our two new upcoming foremen, smaug and andrew.
-My second goal is to introduce the jobs thread which will be a place to write up all the jobs you would like to be completed to make it easy to access for foremen to find jobs to do and eliminate the problem of “asking around”. This has been implemented before but as far as I know it was mostly ignored, now with the new foremen coming I hope that it will be easier to introduce it to the team.

Those are my plans at the moment and if you have any other ideas feel free to tell me, I am always open for suggestions.

Also as a side note for the community, when you introduce new players to the server feel free to ask for a job since as a foreman it is very hard to know when people want a job.