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My hand drawn genealogies of the Lords of Elves and Men in the First Age, and the Half-Elves


Aspiring Commoner
If The Silmarillion has one thing in excess, that's names. So many names. While re-reading The Silmarillion, I decided to draw up genealogies of the most prominent houses in a more concise manner than appears in the book, for my own reference. I've decided to share them here.

Geneology of the Half-Elves - Elvish Lineage.png

Geneology of the Half-Elves - Mannish Lineage.png

I took some liberties here and there, and as such there are some discrepancies between these genealogies and the conflicting writings of Tolkien himself:

- Elrond as King of the Elves: Elrond never claimed the title of King, even though by succession he would be both High King of the Noldor in Exile (through Turgon), and High King of the Sindar and/or all Eldar in Middle-Earth (through Dior/Thingol). Although he did not accept the titles, he nevertheless took on the authorities that the titles bore over the Eldar of Middle-Earth. Thus I have marked him as part of the succession of both lineages. but without numbering him.

- The parentage of Gil-galad: This has always been a source of contention among Tolkien fanatics, given how often Tolkien changed his mind on this subject. I picked the option that makes the most sense in terms of succession, as Christopher Tolkien did.

- Twins: Amrod and Amras were definitely twins. For the others marked "twins" I'm not so sure. I merely made assumptions in the cases of brothers with similar names. This was probably a mistake.