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My Noob Questions


Starting Adventurer
Hi everyone,

I just joined this server. I hope to be an active part of it in the future and participate in some buildings! I'm an avid Tolkien fan, and have been searching for something like this for a little while.

However, I have several questions that aren't in the FAQ. Here they are!

1. Was the server really in about $2,000 debt for a while, as shown here? Community Running Costs I'm just curious as to why and how that happened.

2. Why aren't we allowed to download anything?

3. How do I join a project? I noticed that the Dol Amroth project is underway, and there's a section in the post:

What to do for Adventurers:

Plotbuild houses
Farm walls

Does that mean that if I joined I could work on roads and such?

That's all for now! Thanks in advance for your help answering my questions.


Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
Hey, thanks for checking out the server! For your first two questions, I honestly don't know because I joined the server about 2 months ago so I don't know. But, you can join job by doing /job join (job name) this is great for getting votes for commoner. Sorry I could only awnser two of your questions, but it's the best I can do. Hope you enjoy the server as much as I did when I first joined!



Hardcore MCME-er
1. The doc is official, so we did hit some rough times. Sometimes people aren't able to donate any money because of IRL obligations, so over time that can build up and damage the server.
2. I'll let a enforcer clarify more on this, but if the server world would be available for download they wouldn't be able to control how it's used. It's safer (and honestly more unique) to not have the world available to download.
3. So, when you log on in game sometimes you'll noticed that "A job is running!". Jobs are run by foremen and are done on projects (like DA). 9/10 you'll able to join a job to help build, ruin, and terraform, etc. This system allows for Adventurers to help under the helping hand of a dedicated user like a foremen. You'll need Discord for a job, so be sure to get it!!

If you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask, and hopefully you enjoy the server!!


Hardcore MCME-er
Around what time does it say mcme had 2000 in debt? Just asking because i cant look at the document at the moment